G1 Rules of The Road Marathon 3


You must report an accident to the police if:

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By law, you must report any collision to the police when there are injuries or damage to vehicles or property exceeding $2,000.

Which item are you prohibited from using while driving?

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Viewing display screens unrelated to driving, such as cell phones, laptop computers and portable DVD players, is prohibited while driving.

Drivers who don't follow the stopping requirements at a school crossing may receive:

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Where a school crossing guard displays a red-and-white stop sign, you must stop before reaching the crossing and remain stopped until all persons, including the school crossing guard, have cleared THE WHOLE ROADWAY and it is safe to proceed. Drivers who don’t follow the stopping requirements may receive a substantial fine and get three demerit points.

If you are convicted of careless driving, you will get six demerit points and can get:

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Police can also charge drivers with careless driving or even dangerous driving (a criminal offence) if they do not pay full attention to the driving task. If you are convicted of careless driving, you will get six demerit points and can be fined up to $2,000, and sentenced to up to six months in jail. In some cases, your licence may be suspended for up to two years.

Never change lanes in traffic without:

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Before changing lanes, you must always give proper signal and look to make sure the move can be made safely.

A novice driver convicted of distracted driving is subject to __________ for a third occurrence.

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A novice driver (subject to the graduated licensing program) convicted of distracted driving will be subject to escalating sanctions (30-day licence suspension for a first occurrence; 90 days for a second occurrence; and licence cancellation and removal from the Graduated Licensing System for a third occurrence).

When approaching an intersection, you notice the roadway beyond the intersection is blocked with traffic. In this situation, you should:

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When approaching an intersection and you notice the roadway beyond the intersection is blocked with traffic, you should stop before entering the intersection and wait until traffic ahead moves on. If not, the light may turn red for you and green for other vehicles and you will end up blocking the intersection.

A flashing green light at an intersection, where turns to the left and right are permitted, indicates:

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A flashing green light means you're allowed to turn left, right, or go straight if the way is clear.

You are driving up to an intersection where there is no signal light or police officer. A pedestrian is in the crosswalk on your side of the street. You should:

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CROSSWALKS are designated areas that allow pedestrians to safely cross roads where there are no traffic lights. Drivers, including cyclists, must stop and allow pedestrians to cross.

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