G1 Practice Test 4


When a right turn against a red signal light is permitted, what does the law require you to do before entering the intersection and making the turn?

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In this situation you must stop, signal, and then make the turn so as not to interfere with other traffic, including pedestrians.

Never change lanes in traffic without

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Before changing lanes, you must always give proper signal and look to make sure the move can be made safely.

In order to get your vehicle out of a skid, you should

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Straighten out your steering wheel slowly. Don't turn your steering wheel in different directions while trying to correct the skid; work on one direction at a time. If you've oversteered and the vehicle slides in the opposite direction, repeat the same procedure as before. Always steer in the direction you want to go.

When approaching an intersection, you notice the roadway beyond the intersection is blocked with traffic. In this situation, you should

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When approaching an intersection and you notice the roadway beyond the intersection is blocked with traffic, you should stop before entering the intersection and wait until traffic ahead moves on. If not, the light may turn red for you and green for other vehicles and you will end up blocking the intersection.

When are broken white lines (dashes) used on streets and highways?

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Broken white lines (dashes) are used on one-way streets and highways when there is more than one lane of traffic moving in the same direction.

Highway 407 near Toronto is

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Highway 407 is an express toll route (pay toll highway) and you have to pay to be able to use it.

Are drivers responsible for requiring their passengers to buckle up?

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If the passengers are 16 and older, they, not the driver, are responsible for buckling themselves up.

Which item are you prohibited from using while driving?

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Viewing display screens unrelated to driving, such as cell phones, laptop computers, and portable DVD players, is prohibited while driving.

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