FREE Web Conference Essentials Questions and Answers


The security of Web conferences must include SSL encryption. What does SSL stand for?

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The Web conference data will be illegible to any unauthorized readers thanks to secure socket layer encryption.

Make sure the company uses a third-party auditor when searching for a solution to host your online meetings. Why?

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Certified accountants that work for a third party audit firm verify whether the vendor keeps its security commitments.

What proportion of these firms' IT decision-makers claimed to regularly use Web conferencing?

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69% of respondents claimed to have used and benefited from web conferencing technology.

What is one drawback of sending information via instant message during a web conference?

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Security professionals advise against sending sensitive information via IM because the system is less secure.

What is a video conference's one drawback?

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There are fewer opportunities for interaction between the presenter and attendees during video conferencing.

What causes a video conference to have a "Brady Bunch effect"?

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All conference attendees might be displayed on the screen, similar to the introduction of "The Brady Bunch," if it's a small enough gathering and everyone has a webcam.

What distinguishes a Web conference from a Web seminar?

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Webinars are for bigger groups, whereas web conferences are for groups of ten or fewer.

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