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On a MODU, a continuous waterproof bulkhead can also be a _____.

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On a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU), a continuous waterproof bulkhead can also serve as a structural bulkhead. Structural bulkheads are integral components of the vessel's hull structure, providing strength, stability, and compartmentalization to ensure the safety and integrity of the MODU, especially in offshore environments where it may encounter harsh conditions.

The sizing of tubing is ____.

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Tubing is sized based on its nominal outside diameter, which is a standard measurement used to indicate the approximate outer size of the tubing. This nominal size helps in selecting compatible fittings and connectors for the tubing system.

Which of the following best describes a striker or double plate's function?

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In the context of a ship or vessel, a striker or doubler plate is often used to reinforce areas where tank sounding taps are installed. These plates provide a stable and secure surface for the sounding bob (a device used to measure the level of liquids in tanks) to make contact with, ensuring accurate measurements are taken without damaging the surrounding structure.

The _____ must contain a list of the kinds and strengths of steels utilized on a MODU.

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The construction portfolio of a MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit) must contain a list of the kinds and strengths of steels utilized during the construction process. This documentation is crucial for ensuring the structural integrity and safety of the MODU, as it provides information about the materials used in its construction.

A center gage is used in machine shop practice to verify the angle of ____.

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A center gage, also known as a thread pitch gauge or screw pitch gauge, is a tool used in machine shop practice to verify the angle of 60-degree thread cutting tools. It is specifically designed to check the angle of screw threads and ensure that they are cut accurately to the standard 60-degree angle. This tool helps machinists maintain precision in their work when cutting threads on screws, bolts, and other threaded components.

The normal usage of the emergency bilge suction valve is ____.

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The emergency bilge suction valve is used when the bilges (lowest parts of the ship's interior) become flooded and cannot be emptied by normal pumping methods. It provides an additional means of removing water from the bilges to prevent the vessel from becoming unstable or sinking due to excessive water accumulation.

In the case of a flash type evaporator, a high reading at a salinity cell situated in the loop seal between two stages would suggest ____.

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In a flash type evaporator, a high reading at a salinity cell situated in the loop seal between two stages suggests carryover from the first stage. Carryover occurs when the concentration of salts in the brine exceeds the desired level, causing salt particles to be carried over into the distilled water. This can indicate issues such as inadequate separation of saltwater from distilled water in the first stage, leading to contamination of the distilled water output.

The general by-products of oxidation caused by hydraulic il water contamination are ____.

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When hydraulic oil becomes contaminated with water and undergoes oxidation, it can lead to the formation of undesirable by-products such as gums, varnishes, and acids. These by-products can adversely affect the performance and reliability of hydraulic systems, leading to component wear, decreased efficiency, and potential system failures. Therefore, it's essential to monitor and maintain hydraulic oil cleanliness to prevent such issues.

Which of the following fittings has to be used when installing pipework so that the pump can be removed for maintenance?

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Unions are fittings used in pipework installations to allow for easy disconnection and removal of components such as pumps for maintenance or repair. They consist of two parts that can be easily screwed or unscrewed to disconnect the pipe joint, facilitating quick and convenient access to the pump or other equipment without needing to disassemble the entire pipework.

When a refrigeration compressor is short cycled, ______ is meant.

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When a refrigeration compressor is short-cycled, it means that it is turning on and off frequently within a short period. This can occur due to various reasons such as improper thermostat settings, refrigerant leaks, or malfunctioning components. Short cycling can lead to inefficient operation, increased wear and tear on the compressor, and reduced system lifespan.

In terms of MODU construction, the quarters' bulkheads are typically ___.

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In the construction of a MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit), the quarters' bulkheads are typically non-structural. This means that while they serve to divide the living quarters into separate spaces and provide privacy, they are not integral to the structural integrity of the unit. Structural components are those that bear loads and provide support to the overall structure of the MODU, such as the hull, decks, and certain bulkheads. The quarters' bulkheads may be designed to be watertight for safety reasons, but they are not considered structural elements.

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