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The nation's unemployment rate is ____________.

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The correct answer is 9.6%. This indicates that the percentage of unemployed individuals in the nation is 9.6%.

Travel-generated tax revenue is a significant economic benefit, as governments use these funds to support the travel _________________________ and help support a variety of public programs.

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communitiesTravel-generated tax revenue is a significant economic benefit as it provides governments with funds to support the development and maintenance of travel infrastructure. These funds can be used to build and improve roads, airports, and other transportation systems, which in turn, facilitates the movement of people and goods. Additionally, the revenue generated from travel taxes can also be allocated to support various public programs such as education, healthcare, and social welfare. Therefore, travel-generated tax revenue plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth and enhancing the overall quality of life for citizens.

In 2010, travelers spent ________________ in TN.

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In 2010, travelers spent $14.1 billion in TN. This indicates that the total amount of money spent by travelers in the state during that year was $14.1 billion.

In Dec.2009 77,000 jobs were added to the Travel and Tourism industry.

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In December 2009, the Travel and Tourism industry experienced a growth of 77,000 jobs. This suggests that there was a positive impact on employment within this industry during that period.

Payroll includes sick leave pay.

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Sick leave pay is a type of payment that is included in an employee's payroll. It is a benefit provided to employees to compensate for the time they are unable to work due to illness. Therefore, it is correct to say that payroll includes sick leave pay.

Economic Impact is NOT represented by measure of:

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The measure of whether a traveler enjoyed a destination does not represent the economic impact. Economic impact is typically measured by factors such as business receipts, spending, and payroll, which directly contribute to the local economy. While the enjoyment of a traveler may indirectly contribute to the economic impact by potentially encouraging repeat visits or positive word-of-mouth, it is not a direct measure of the economic impact itself.

____________________________ includes corporate income, individual income, sales and gross receipts, and excise taxes by level of government.

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Tax revenues include corporate income, individual income, sales and gross receipts, and excise taxes by level of government. This refers to the total amount of money collected by the government through various forms of taxation. It encompasses the taxes paid by individuals, businesses, and other entities, and is an important source of funding for government operations and public services.

The job market in the U.S. has not been struggling.

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The statement suggests that the job market in the U.S. has been struggling. This means that there have been difficulties or challenges in finding employment or maintaining a stable job in the country. Therefore, the correct answer is False, indicating that the job market in the U.S. has indeed been struggling.

Total employment in TN supported by domestic and international traveler expenditures moderated to _______________.

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The correct answer is 278,400. This means that the total employment in Tennessee supported by both domestic and international traveler expenditures has been moderated or adjusted to this specific number.

A travel __________________________ is assumed to take place whenever a traveler exchanges money for an activity considered part of his/her trip.

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In this context, an expenditure refers to the act of spending money on an activity that is considered part of a traveler's trip. This could include expenses such as accommodation, transportation, meals, and other related costs. Therefore, the correct answer is "expenditure".

TEIM stands for.........

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TEIM stands for Travel Economic Impact Model. This model is used to assess and analyze the economic impact of travel and tourism on a particular destination or region. It takes into account various factors such as visitor spending, employment generation, and tax revenues generated by the travel industry. The model helps policymakers, businesses, and researchers understand the economic benefits and contributions of the travel sector, allowing them to make informed decisions and develop strategies to maximize the positive impact of tourism on the economy.

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