FREE Shed Design and Materials Questions and Answers


What tool should you use to determine if a surface is level or plumb?

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Open the toolbox and grab the carpenter's level.

What distinguishes pressure-treated wood from untreated wood?

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Pressure-treated lumber has been chemically treated to fend off deterioration and insect invasion.

What materials are skids constructed of?

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On skids, which are long pieces of lumber, the shed floors are supported.

Where should the roof overlay be installed?

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The roof overlay should be positioned over the roof frame.

Which kind of pressure-treated wood is best for floors?

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The floors may be built with pressure-treated plywood.

Which part of the storage shed should pressure-treated lumber be used for?

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For the floor and the bottom plate of the walls, use pressure-treated lumber.

What impact could ice heaves have?

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Frozen soil may move as a result of frost heaves.

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