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A patient with posttraumatic stress disorder is almost ready to be released. Which client comment would suggest that the effectiveness of education about the psychosocial causes of posttraumatic stress disorder?

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The patient shows a solid awareness of the psychosocial causes of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when they express understanding of how the experienced event, personal characteristics, and available support networks affect their diagnosis.

Which scenario would lead the nurse to suspect a social phobia diagnosis?

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A student who avoids class out of concern for peer scrutiny satisfies the requirements for a social phobia diagnosis.

Which intrapersonal intervention by the nurse would be acceptable to help a patient with social anxiety disorder achieve the outcome, "Client will voluntarily participate in group activities with peers by day 3"?

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An intrapersonal intervention is to promote conversation about worries.

A patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder has spent the past four days in the hospital. Which intervention is most important right now?

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The patient must acquire methods for lowering general anxiety levels in order to lessen the need for obsessive behaviors. By day four, these techniques should be taught.

Which intervention, according to psychodynamic theory, would be suitable for a patient with a panic disorder?

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The nurse's discussion of the patient's overuse of ego defense mechanisms serves as an example of a psychodynamic approach to treating the client's panic disorder-related behaviors.

Which nursing diagnosis best fits the needs of a patient who is away from home for the first time in a year, arrives at the mental in-patient unit wearing a surgical mask and white gloves, and cries, "The germs in here are going to kill me."

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The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) states that the nursing diagnosis format must include three key elements: (1) identification of the health problem; (2) presentation of the etiology (or cause) of the problem; and (3) description of a group of symptoms known as "defining characteristics." The correct response includes all three elements in the proper order: health problem/NANDA stem (social isolation); etiology/cause, or R /T Due to a fear of germs, this client has been unable to leave the house for a year. As a result, the client's behaviors fit the description of social isolation.

The evening report has been sent to the nurse. The nurse would need to evaluate which patient first.

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A patient who is pacing the hallways and becoming more anxious needs to be evaluated right away. There is a chance that the patient could hurt himself or other people if the nurse does nothing about this assessment.

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