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How many of these letter pairings, each with the same number of letters between its two letters as there are between them in the English alphabets, are there in the word "Sending"?

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What is the difference between the digits that are fourth from the right and third from the left in the new arrangement if each of the digits in the number 92581473 is put in ascending order? The number is arranged in ascending order as 123456789.

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The ascending order of the number is 123456789.
Required difference,
6-3 = 3.

A parking lot has 160 cars in it. There are two types of vehicles: cars and trucks, and red or green, accordingly. 120 cars, 70 of which are red, are on the road. What percentage of the 18 green trucks are red cars?

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Total number of Vehicles = 160
There are 70 red vehicles thus rest 90 are green vehicles,
out of which 18 are green trucks then we get,
Green cars = 90 - 18 = 72.
Given, Number of cars = 120.
Then, the number of red cars,
= 120 - 72
= 48 Red cars.

M surpasses N in run scoring but falls short of P. In comparison to N and M, Q performs better. Who received the lowest rating?

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M scores more run than N.(M > N) M scores less than P. (P >M >N) Q scores more than N but less than M. So, Sequence of scoring run is P >M>Q>N. So, N is the lowest scorer.

A tree is located 7 from the left end and 14 from the right end in a row of trees. In the row, how many trees are there?

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= 7+14-1
= 20

In a class of 33 students, Raymart is ranked 13th. Sarah is ranked 5 pupils below average. Raymart and Sarah are separated by how many students?

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Compared to his son, a man who is 24 years old. He will be twice as old as his son in two years. The age of his son at this time is?

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Let the present age of his son be X years.

So, the present age of his father = X+24 (as he is 24 years older than his son)

After 2 years, the father's age become (X+24+2) years and Son's age will be (X+2).
Now, according to the question,
X+24+2 = 2*(X +2)
Or, X = 22 years.
Son's present age = is 22 years.

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