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The Common Data Service (CDS) is used by a financial services organization to provide solutions. Production and development instances are used by the business. From the development instance to the production instance, you must migrate solutions. What are the two potential means through which this can be done? Each accurate response offers an entire resolution. NOTE: This query has two answers

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All component modifications will be introduced into the environment in a published state when you import a managed solution. Patches that simply contain modifications to entities and associated entity assets can be applied to managed or unmanaged solutions. Patches don't include any non-customized system components or relationships because those parts already exist in the organization being used. In order to replace the original solution that the patches were made from, you can eventually wrap up all the patches into a new version of the solution.

A Power Platform solution is being created by you for a medical office. To keep track of information about the doctors who work at the medical practice, you create a custom table called Doctors. Each doctor's row must allow you to attach a PDF copy of their medical license. The table has to be configured. What ought you to do?

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Up to a predetermined maximum size, file data is stored in a file column. In addition to a notes (annotation) collection with zero to one attachment in each note, a custom or customizable table can have zero or more file columns.

You are creating an app that is model-driven. Two custom tables with data are used by the program. The tables are like parents and children. A subgrid on the parent record form shows the child records. Data must automatically populate in the child record form when establishing a new child record from the parent form in order to minimize data entry errors. You must put the solution into practice. What ought you to do?

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Within a main form, a subgrid allows app users to examine data from a Dataverse table, usually information relevant to the record they are presently viewing.

A Power Apps portal page that you are constructing. You must show Microsoft Dataverse data on the page. Which should you employ?

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Open-source Liquid is a template language that is built in into Microsoft Power Apps portals. It serves as a link between the HTML or text output given to the browser and Dataverse. Liquid may be used to make a number of unique templates and to provide dynamic content to pages. Additionally, Liquid only grants access to the actions and data that the portals have specifically authorized.

You want to add data to records in a Microsoft Dataverse entity that has a field for an option set. The label for the option set is present in the source system, but not the matching integer value. You are utilizing a programming language that is not.NET. You must locate the option set's integer value. What ought you to do?

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Using the RetrieveOptionSetRequest message, you can get a global choice (option set) by name (label).

A corporation determines insurance exposure and risk profiles for clients using Common Data Service rollup fields. Users claim that when new insurance policies are generated, the system does not update values for the rollup fields. As soon as a policy is created, the rollup fields' values must be recalculated. What ought you to do?

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If you wish to use the SDK message ""CalculateRollupFieldRequest"" to compute the Rollup field whenever a child record is created, changed, or destroyed, you can construct a custom C# plugin or custom workflow activity.

A company's communication division intends to include a survey page on the company's public website. The new survey page must be added to the company's public website, and data must be collected from the page and entered into a Microsoft Dataverse environment. The ability to write survey data to Dataverse shouldn't require explicit user credentials. Implementing authentication is necessary. Which authentication method ought to you use?

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Guest users of an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant may use Canvas apps. This makes it possible to invite other contractors, business partners, and other parties to use your company's canvas apps.

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