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Which of the following actions ought to be avoided in order to provide patients with quality care?

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In order to avoid uncomfortable probing on medical conditions and to prevent repeated draws and unwanted punctures, phlebotomists must choose their sites carefully.

Where can you quickly and accurately find the information you need about a dangerous chemical if you come across one?

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Manufacturers supply material safety data sheets that describe each dangerous chemical that might be present in your workplace. This is the quickest method of getting up-to-date information about the substance. There will be no information on specific chemicals in employee manuals or procedure guides, although they may discuss how to react if one is encountered. Access to information via a web search is possible, but the quality of that information in terms of relevance and accuracy may vary.

What term describes being free from pollution or germs?

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Being devoid of contamination or germs that could spread disease is known as asepsis. Humans are said to be healthy when they are free of a recognized condition. Asepsis' opposite, sepsis, denotes something that is polluted or infected with bacteria. Clean is a broad phrase that may or may not refer to an aseptic object.

What federal agency oversees the accreditation of phlebotomists?

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There is no government regulation of phlebotomy. There are state-level regulatory restrictions in place in a number of states, including Louisiana, Nevada, and California, but none at the federal level.

Which of the following tasks is not within the phlebotomist's purview of practice?

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The duties of a phlebotomist include identifying patients by identification, medical records, and/or verbal confirmation, drawing blood with the use of needles and other standard equipment, and appropriately labeling samples before submitting them for testing. Phlebotomists are not permitted to take tissue samples as part of their work.

Which of the following is not one of the Patient's Bill of Rights' three main objectives?

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By offering a framework that ensures consumers receive healthcare that matches their requirements, resolves their complaints, and gives them more influence over their health care, the Patient Bill of Rights was created to assist people feel more confident in the US health care system. The Patient Bill of Rights does not mention health care affordability, despite the fact that it is a major concern for many patients.

What would be the best way to get a patient's implied consent before taking their blood?

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When an adult patient extends their arm for venipuncture, it suggests permission. It is stated consent, not implicit consent, if they sign a permission form. Although it is a vital component of any procedure, the patient's action of confirming their identity is unrelated to permission.

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