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Henry works in an office backroom, where he rarely interacts with anyone. He enjoys it this way because he has always been a loner. He is uninterested in meeting new acquaintances or dating. When questioned, he usually delivers quick responses and rarely expresses emotion. Which of the following illnesses best fits Henry's personality?

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People suffering from schizoid personality disorder are frequently uninterested in interpersonal interactions and have little desire to create sexual or romantic commitments. Although they are not usually bothered by this, individuals may face difficulties in their daily lives, such as homelessness and trouble finding work, as a result of their social isolation. They also have a tendency to appear emotionally unresponsive. Because of their resemblance to aspects of schizophrenia, schizoid and schizotypal personality disorders are commonly referred to as ""schizophrenia-spectrum diseases."" A schizoid presentation, on the other hand, differs from schizotypal personality disorder in that it is not linked with psychotic-type symptoms such as strange ideas and experiences.

Diana has always had unusual hobbies, such as unseen energies that may have an impact on human health. She believes she can read people's minds and is concerned that aliens are meddling with Earth's life. Even when she tries to be courteous, she never seems totally at ease among them. Which of the following illnesses best fits Diana's personality?

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Schizotypal personality disorder is marked by unique views and experiences that are not widely accepted as normal in one's culture, as well as chronic uneasiness with others, especially those well known to one. Some psychiatrists believe that this disease is a milder form of schizophrenia because the symptoms are similar (e.g., experiencing and/or believing things that are not real), albeit less severe.

Fely has always believed that she is a highly exceptional person who would achieve great things, deserves better treatment than others, and feels irritated when others overlook her unusual qualities. She occasionally becomes depressed because she does not receive the adoration she believes she is due. Which of the following personality disorders best describes Fely's presentation?

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Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by sentiments of grandiosity (confidence in one's specialness, superiority, and significance) and entitlement (thinking that one deserves better treatment than others), and it is frequently accompanied with delusions of gaining wealth, power, and acclaim. People with this disease can become depressed when real life fails to meet their inflated ego expectations. In general, they don't perceive themselves as having a problem because it's always other people's fault for failing to acknowledge how fantastic they are.

Jenny is the life of the party and enjoys being the focus of attention. She frequently treats strangers as though they are old friends, yet she quickly grows bored and treats them with apathy. She is prone to making wonderful promises that she never keeps, and she frequently flirts provocatively with her friends' boyfriends despite having no actual interest in them, which her friends dislike. Which of the following personality disorders best describes Jenny's behavior?

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Attention-seeking, theatrical and shallow emotional displays, and improper seductive conduct are all symptoms of histrionic personality disorder. Histrionic originates from the Greek word for actor, and people with this illness frequently appear to be acting a part because they have exaggerated, dramatic reactions to events.

Selena is erratic, and her moods shift without warning. When people first meet her, she may appear to be quite exciting; yet, as they get to know her, she becomes highly dependent and manipulative. She sometimes calls individuals in the middle of the night, threatening to kill herself and accusing them of abandoning her. Which of the following best describes Selena?

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A borderline personality disorder is connected with self-destructive conduct and an unstable sense of self, emotions, and relationships. People suffering from this disorder may fluctuate between idealizing and demeaning those close to them, and they may have a strong fear of abandonment. Because they have difficulties controlling their emotions, they might be impulsive and reckless.

Andy is lonely, yet he is quite shy when meeting new people because he is afraid they would not like him. A woman at work has made polite advances to him, but he is hesitant to ask her out because he is afraid she will reject him due of his personal shortcomings. Which of the following personality disorders best characterizes Andy's symptom profile?

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Avoidant personality disorder is characterized by an extreme fear of rejection, low self-esteem, and feelings of inadequacy. People with schizoid personality disorder, on the other hand, have a great need for deep relationships but struggle to create and keep them due to their severe shyness and feelings of inadequacy.

Gary has a lengthy history of getting into mischief. He lies, steals, gets into fights, and enjoys using recreational drugs. He never appears to learn from his mistakes and exhibits no remorse for causing harm to others around him. Which of the following personality disorders describes Gary's presentation the best?

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A history of violating the rights of others and delinquent behavior is related with antisocial personality disorder. This diagnosis was created as a behavioral interpretation of psychopathy, a syndrome first observed in criminals. Because the diagnostic criteria for each are not exactly the same, the two are currently regarded overlapping yet separate concepts.

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