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A new soccer season is being prepared for by Coach Rush. He bought three balls for $25 each, twenty cones for $1.25 each, and twelve practice vests for $3.50 each. How much money did the coach spend overall on the purchases?

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To calculate the total amount spent by Coach Rush on the purchases, we need to multiply the quantity of each item by its respective price and sum up the amounts.

The cost of three balls at $25 each is:
3 balls × $25/ball = $75

The cost of twenty cones at $1.25 each is:
20 cones × $1.25/cone = $25

The cost of twelve practice vests at $3.50 each is:
12 vests × $3.50/vest = $42

To find the overall amount spent, we add up the costs of the three items:
$75 (balls) + $25 (cones) + $42 (vests) = $142

Therefore, Coach Rush spent a total of $142 on the purchases.

A $50 sweater was purchased by Peter. How much change should Peter anticipate getting if he gives the salesperson three $20 bills and a 6% sales tax is added to the price?

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To determine the total amount owed, we need to determine the sales tax:
6% of $50=.06⋅50=$3
(Or, you might recognize that 6% of $100 = $6, so 6% of $50 must be half of $6, or $3.)
Total amount owed =$50+$3=$53
Three $20 bills =3⋅$20=$60
$60−$53=$7 change.

Select the appropriate response to the following query by clicking on it:

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When subtracting a larger number from a smaller number you will end up with a negative number. To solve this type of problem, switch the order of the two numbers and do the subtraction as you normally would, but add a negative sign in front of the result:
8.77−10.16 =−(10.16−8.77)
---------------- 1.39
So the answer is −1.39

With her $305, Carla wants to purchase the most bags of mulch she can and has asked for delivery. The price is $8.00 per bag plus a $21.00 shipping fee. Only entire sacks of mulch are sold. Carla can only purchase so many bags.

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Carla's original payment of $305 is reduced by a flat delivery fee of $21.00:


The total number of bags that Carla can purchase can be calculated by dividing this sum by the price per bag:

To make sure that Carla doesn't go over her budget, we must round our response down as the question specifies that the mulch can only be sold in whole bags.

Hotdogs come in eight-packs. Peter purchases five hotdog packs. What is the smallest quantity Peter can purchase and still have enough buns for the hotdogs if buns come in packs of six?

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5 packs of hotdogs × 8 hotdogs per pack = 40 hotdogs
Buns are sold in packs of 6.
7 packs of buns × 6 buns per pack = 42 buns

A $50 sweater was purchased by Carlo. How much change should Carlo anticipate getting if he gives the salesperson three $20 bills and a 6% sales tax is added to the price?

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We must figure out the sales tax in order to calculate the total amount due:

6% of $50=.06⋅50=$3

(Or, you might recognize that 6% of $100 = $6, so 6% of $50 must be half of $6, or $3.)

Total amount owed =$50+$3=$53

Three $20 bills =3⋅$20=$60

$60−$53=$7 change.

Silva's flight lasts for 270 minutes. How long is the flight, in hours?

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To convert 270 minutes into hours, we divide the number of minutes by 60, since there are 60 minutes in an hour.

270 minutes / 60 minutes/hour = 4.5 hours

Therefore, Silva's flight lasts for 4.5 hours.

Formula: x+17=11.
Answer: x = 6
Above is an equation with its solution. A pupil requests an explanation. What would be the best justification for the paraprofessional to offer?

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Given x+17=11 to solve we want to isolate the variable, x. To do this most efficiently, we subtract 17 from both sides

Where is the number 73 on the above number line located?

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Find 33 and 44's largest common factor.

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A number's components are values that are split into them in an exact ratio. For instance, the factors of 4 are 1, 2, and 4 since each of them can be used to divide 4 without leaving a residual. List the factors of both 33 and 44 in order to find their largest common factor:

Factors of 33 are: 1,3,11,33

Factors of 44
are: 1,2,4,11,22,44

The greatest common factor is the largest number that is in both lists of factors: 11.

A 125 by 200 foot rectangular field belongs to a farmer. He wants to build a fence to enclose the field. How many feet worth of material will he need in total for the job?

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This question is really asking for the perimeter of the field. Add up all of the sides to find the perimeter:

There are two different containers of stress balls in a manufacturing. There are 80 balls in the first container and 90 balls in the second. 20% of the balls in the second container and 40% of the balls in the first container both have defects. How many faulty balls are there in total between the two containers?

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Calculate the number of defective balls in each container and then add these two amounts:
40% of 80
20% of 90

Two huge pizzas were bought by a family for lunch. 1/4 of one pizza and 7/8 of the other were consumed. Was there any pizza left over for dinner?

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We must always remember to reduce everything to a common denominator when dealing with addition and subtraction involving fractions. The family would have eaten a total of 9/8 = 11/8 pizzas if they had eaten 7/8 of one and 1/4 or 2/8 of the other. The leftover 1/8 from the last pizza can now be subtracted to get the remaining 7/8.

Peter intends to spend $305 on as many bags of mulch as he can, and he wants them delivered to her house. The price per bag is $8.00, and the shipping fee is $21.00. Mulch is only offered for sale in whole bags. How many bags is Peter able to buy?

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From Peter's initial amount of $305, a flat $21.00 delivery charge is deducted:
We can then divide this amount by the cost per bag to find the total number of bags that Peter can buy:
$284.00÷$8.00 =35.5 bags
However, the question states that the mulch can only be sold in full bags, so we must round our answer down to ensure that Peter doesn't exceed his budget.

The 400 square inches that make up Rose's spherical archery target. How big is her target's diameter?

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Area of a circle =πr2
400π square inches =πr2

Since 202=2020=400, we might need to "guess and check" before concluding that r=20 is correct.

We are asked to find the diameter, which is twice the radius:

D=40 inches

Shane spends $1.10 on nine pens. Which of the following sums up the change she would get if she used a $20 bill to buy the pens?

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You may calculate the price of the 9 pens by dividing $1.10 by 9. The following can be written:


Since Shane paid with a $20 bill, her change will be the difference between $20 and the cost of the 9 pens. Thus, her change is:


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