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What is this selection's central thesis?

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The main idea of this selection is:

Co-operation reduces conflict

The selection discusses how Montreal, despite being tough on illegal graffiti, has developed a cooperative relationship with graffiti artists to address the issue. This cooperation has resulted in the creation of legal murals, such as "Our Lady of Grace," which transforms walls into artistic expressions that the community admires. The paragraph also highlights the positive impact of this cooperation, such as turning negative energy into positive energy. Therefore, the main idea is centered around how cooperation between the city and graffiti artists reduces conflict and benefits both parties.

Out of all the sentences, which one is written correctly?

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Volunteering helps develop good time management skills.

This sentence is grammatically correct because it uses the verb "helps" in the correct form ("helps") to agree with the singular subject "Volunteering." Additionally, the phrase "good time management skills" is appropriately structured.

Why did Montreal establish a relationship with graffiti artists?

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Montreal established a relationship with graffiti artists as a way to deal with vandalism. By working with graffiti artists and providing designated spaces for their artwork, the city aimed to channel their talents into legitimate forms of expression, thereby reducing illegal graffiti and tagging. This approach allows the city to address the issue of vandalism while also recognizing the artistic value of graffiti in appropriate contexts.

Select the best option to complete the sentence below. The menu ofers ____soup____salad with a meal for an additional $1.99.

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The correct option to complete the sentence is:

either, or

The completed sentence would be: "The menu offers either soup or salad with a meal for an additional $1.99."

This option indicates that customers have a choice between two options: either soup or salad, but not both, for an additional $1.99.

How is the data presented in paragraph 7 structured?

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The information in paragraph 7 is organized around the theme of the growth of graffiti as a subculture and the challenges it faces, particularly regarding space for expression. Therefore, the most fitting organization for this paragraph is:

comparison and contrast

This is because the paragraph contrasts the growing popularity of graffiti as a subculture with the decreasing availability of space for graffiti artists to express themselves. It compares the dramatic growth of graffiti as a subculture with the diminishing space available for it due to urban development. The contrast between these two factors is highlighted to emphasize the challenges faced by graffiti artists like Fluke.

Which of the following options explains how to correct this sentence?

Marta Alton, the student council chairperson, expressed her pride in her school's involvement in the fundraising event.

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The correct option to make the sentence correct is:

Capitalize “fundraising.”

The corrected sentence would be: "The chairperson of the student council, Marta Alton was proud of her school's participation in the Fundraising event."

In this correction, "fundraising" is capitalized as it is a proper noun (the name of the event), which is a standard convention in writing.

Select the one that most effectively blends the subsequent sentences.

The snow machine was invented by Carl J. Eliason.

It was constructed from of vehicle, bicycle, and ski parts.

1927 saw its patent issued.

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Which term most closely resembles the definition of "adamant" in paragraph three?

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In the context provided, "adamant" means firm or unwavering in their belief or stance. The word "insistent" closely aligns with this meaning, as it suggests a strong determination or insistence on their perspective. The graffiti artists are expressing their conviction that their genre is legitimate, despite potential opposition or criticism. Therefore, "insistent" is the word closest in meaning to "adamant" in this context.

Select the sentence that doesn't belong in the paragraph that follows.

Beavers are inherently skilled engineers. These creatures live in sluggish waterways and construct mud and stick dams. (3) They build ponds by raising water levels with their dams, which range in length from 10 to 100 meters. (4) They are among the national emblems of Canada. (5) Beavers work tirelessly to sculpt their surroundings.

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The sentence that does not belong in the paragraph is:

sentence 4: They are one of Canada’s national symbols.

This sentence stands out because it introduces a different aspect compared to the other sentences. The other sentences focus on describing the natural behavior and characteristics of beavers, such as their engineering abilities, dam-building behavior, and their relentless efforts to shape their environment. Sentence 4 introduces the concept of beavers as a national symbol of Canada, which is not directly related to their natural behavior or characteristics described in the other sentences. Therefore, sentence 4 does not belong in the paragraph.

What element of the various people of the neighborhood is reflected in Our Lady of Grace?

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The inclusion of Caribbean birds in the mural serves as a reminder of the multicultural character of the area. This detail suggests an effort to acknowledge and celebrate the cultural diversity present in the neighborhood where the mural is located. The presence of these birds contributes to the overall depiction of the urban landscape and reinforces the mural's connection to the community's diverse population. Therefore, the correct answer is the Caribbean birds.

Select the correctly worded sentence.

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The correct sentence is:

"Teresa and Sam witnessed the accident."

This sentence is grammatically correct because it uses the plural verb "witnessed" to agree with the subject "Teresa and Sam," which is plural. All other options have subject-verb agreement errors.

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