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Which of the following people safety measures is best for the scrub nurse performing a laser surgery?

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Even though all personal safety equipment is necessary, eye protection should be tailored to the type of laser being used because the eye can absorb laser beams. It would be best to use a laser mask that fits snugly rather than an N-95 mask.

What does "event-related" mean in terms of operating room supplies?

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Until the package is opened or the integrity is damaged, supplies without a posted expiration date are thought to be sanitary. The term "event-related" sterility describes this.

Except as noted below, utilizing rigid containers to store sterile tools has drawbacks.

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Up to 10 pounds are the weight of rigid containers. A rigid container's surfaces could condense, contaminating the entire package (also known as "wet pack"). Rigid packaging is resilient and offers superior protection against damage to the contents despite these disadvantages.

What may the external waist tie be put in to pass it to the circulator if it doesn't have a tag attached to it?

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When the circulator picks up the sterile external tie to assist the surgeon in turning and tying the surgical gown, it might be wrapped in a sterile glove to prevent contamination.

A total knee replacement will be circulated by a nurse. He requests that the surgeon mark the area. The surgical site should be marked with which of the following?

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Use a permanent skin marker to prevent marking removal during skin preparation.

Which item from the list below should not be applied to the surgical wound?

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All of the other items—aside from nonradiopaque towels—can be seen on a radiograph. Due to the possibility of retention, they should never be used in a wound.

Unfortunately, the patient of a circulating nurse who was injured in a car accident does not survive. Which external agency should the circulating nurse notify about the patient's passing?

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All operating rooms fatalities should be reported to the coroner's office for investigation by the circulating nurse. The "death packet" papers or the facility's protocol for handling deaths in operating rooms frequently contain this information. Before the coroner's office releases the patient, no lines or drains should be taken out of the patient. This is crucial in situations when there may have been criminal conduct involved.

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