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Choose the underlined area that includes a mistake.

His struggles and sufferings, which he claimed were his worse, would be more satisfactory if he actually took the time to organize his thoughts.

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The correct response is "worst". It must be a superlative rather than a comparative because there are more than two items being compared here.

Choose the underlined section that contains an error:

My buddy had been advised to make prudent investments with her inheritance, so she delayed to purchase those stocks offered on the exchange that afternoon.

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"Delayed purchasing" is the right answer. An infinitive was utilized rather than a gerund. Delayed is a verb that ends with the -ing Gerund.

Despite his four years of expertise in software engineering, Mr. Jones had never used a word processing tool ___________.

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An adverb is required for this statement.

The person taking the minutes will be seated __________ the chairman.

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"By" is the same as "near" or "beside".

The employees __________ about the closure before it was made public.

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The simple past tense is necessary.

When did Coleen _______ college?

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"Graduate," in this case, is used with "from." A question with "did" does not use the verb's -ing form.

You seem pale. You had better _______ a doctor.

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"Consult" is a transitive verb, thus it does not require a preposition.

Do you have __________ to do this afternoon? If not, I would want to take you to the cinema.

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"Many" does not go with an uncountable word. "Work" is an uncountable noun.

The party was held ________.

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The preposition "at" is associated with 3 p.m., and "in" with October. What preposition is associated with a specific day of the week?

It's snowing. Do you want to ________ this weekend?

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"Go" is used with the "-ing" form, the root form, and "to." "To" is not used after -ing forms.

The reason ________ steam vehicles was due to their difficulty starting and running.

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The relative adverb "why" gives the meaning of "reason" and replaces "for which," a preposition and a relative pronoun.

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