GED Classes

GED Classes

The General Educational Development Test (GED) is created to measure students ‘ knowledge and expertise in the field of standard high school subjects. The GED Test consists of four exams, which is open to anyone aging 16 years or older who is not registered in high school.

GED classes teach people the content that will be discussed in each of the four GED tests. Through GED classes, prospective exam-takers have an opportunity to comprehensively review the suitable material, communicate with instructors, and get assistance with the sections they need to work on for the exam. The primary goal of these classes is to ensure that students are qualified to take their GED tests.

GED classes are offered either online or in person. Online GED classes are appropriate for you if you can’t find anything which suits your schedule. With this alternative, you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your home to have the test preparation you need. Several sites offer material which you can practice at home in the form of workbooks, as well as immersive practice tests meant to reflect the actual GED format. If you aren’t free during day time, you can also take GED night classes offered by several institutions. Try to find the best resources available and see if any instructions or payments are needed. You can either search for GED classes near me or search for these alternatives online:

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Free GED classes for adults

Several libraries and state universities offer free and low-cost GED classes for adults, as well as a variety of online options. Look for a program that suits your timetable, gives free resources, and gives the assistance you need for your upcoming exam. Below are a few of the adult GED classes offered by a number of institutions and sites:

  • GED.com – a flexible online course run by the official GED Testing Service and offering both free and paid resources. Start by taking free GED practice exams for each of the GED subjects: math, language arts, social studies, and science. These practice exams allow you to determine what you now know and need to learn.
  • State and Community Resources – if you prefer a live classroom setting, this could be the best option for you. You may study for your upcoming GED test by using the services the state provides or using community resources offering adult GED courses in learning centers across the country.
  • MyCareerTools.com – a virtual school that offers a range of career development programs, including GED prep classes. It delivers a GED Academy designed on lessons and online quizzes, as well as a variety of tools to help you prepare and stay on track in earning your degree.
  • Test Prep Toolkit – a digital platform offering a variety of educational videos that you can choose to watch as your schedule allows. Videos are posted on Youtube that you can stream using your computer or even your smartphone, making it a convenient way to study on the go. You can find resources for each of the test segments, as well as practice tests and general GED data.
  • Study.com GED Program – an educational website offering a wide variety of topics. It also offers free online GED courses to adults for the first 30 days. The program includes five GED study materials, thousands of practice questions, and more than 300 online practice review courses. You can watch instructional videos, take quizzes and exams, and keep track of your success. More than that, there are also live tutors who can help you if you get lost.

GED In-Person Classes

If you are looking for in-person GED preparation classes, you may click on the places to get a full list of class locations and testing centers near you. 

GED Prep Classes in Texas

GED classes in Arizona

GED Prep Classes in Oklahoma

GED Prep Classes In Nevada

GED Prep Classes in Ohio

GED Prep Classes in Illinois

GED Prep Classes in New York State

GED Prep Classes in California

  • GED classes San Diego

GED Prep Classes in Indiana

  • GED classes Indianapolis

GED Prep Classes in Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are GED classes?

GED classes cost will vary depending on which service provider you choose, but in most cases, the total of all four GED subtests is between $80-$150.

How long are GED classes?

Typically, you can find GED prep classes that run on a regular basis throughout the year. The table below the expected length of these classes:

Class Type Length Time
Online 8 to 16 weeks Self-paced
In-person About 4 months 2 to 4 hours per day, 3 to 5 days per week

Could one pass the GED without studying?

First of all, you have to understand that passing the GED test without studying is not for everybody. If your comprehension skills are good, you are likely to pass the Social Studies, Science, and RLA GED subtests. The GED Math Exam is another story. So, if you choose to take the GED without studying it is already your decision.

Can I take the GED test online?

No, the GED test can’t be taken online. However, you can visit a reliable online GED testing guide offering free practice tests and classes.

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