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Which type of needle should Kylie to use when embroidering?

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Rather than passing through the holes, a sharp point will split the fabric's threads. A large eyelet is necessary for threading because the working thread must be fairly substantial to cover the fabric's threads.

Which needlepoint stitches are best suited for a beginner?

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Every rule has an exception in embroidery that demonstrates its validity. A beginner would be best to stick to the traditional stitches, but more experienced workers will gladly borrow stitches from one style to use in another or combine stitches to create a new pattern. A good needlepoint book will provide a list of appropriate stitches along with work instructions.

Which of the many embroidery fabrics Aunt Jemima displayed to Kylie was the one she decided to use for her first needlepoint project?

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Needlepoint fabric must have a grid. For a beginner, 18 count canvas, which means 18 threads or holes to the inch is the smallest suitable grid. 14 count is another, easier option. Note that some museum-quality specimens do not have an obvious grid and are worked on other fabrics. These are exciting for an experienced worker but not advisable for a beginner.

Which embroidery thread in Aunt Jemima's collection is best for needlepoint?

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The embroidery thread needs to be thick enough to nearly fill the hole and smooth enough to slide through the canvas to cover the woven threads; eventually, at least two threads will pass through each hole.

Kylie was stitching together her first needlepoint project. "Needlepoint is only cross stitch, isn't it?" she replied. Was she correct?

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One of the most fascinating things about needlepoint is how many different stitches there are. In order to see the available stitches and how they are worked, Kylie had to check out a book from the library.

Aunt Jemima advises Kylie to start with something modest and easy when stitching for the first time. What would she do if she didn't want to?

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"A museum piece is most likely there because it represents the exceptional work of a seasoned employee. A compact kit can be a good place to start since it usually includes all the necessary tools and instructions. A worker can quickly, with very little experience, invent a design, which is far more fulfilling than simply modifying someone else's work. As a guide, gathering a sampler of stitches is always a good idea. If the stitches are worked into simple shapes, that could make a visually appealing show piece..

A coloring book is a great way to find appropriate shapes if the outline is straightforward—after all, Aunt Jemima is there to review it—and Kylie will be able to claim originality if she uses one."

Which of these needlepoint variations is an embroidery style?

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"Canvas is used to create Florentine embroidery, commonly referred to as Bargello work. While they are all lovely and a joy to work with, none of the others are.
Fitting identical rows of stitches in carefully graded colors beneath one another is how one works with florentine. It looks like embroidered flames as a result."

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