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Which value resolves the equation?

57 - 12 = 33 + ?

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First, calculate one side:
57 - 12 = 45
So the equation becomes:
45 = 33 + ?
Now isolate the unknown:
45 - 33 = ?
Now calculate:
45 - 12 = 12

It cost $60 to buy 42 bottles of milk. What is the cost of five milk bottles?

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Find out the price of one bottle first:
60/42 = 1.43
To get the price of five bottles, multiply by 5:
1.43 x 5 = $7.15



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A survey of 2,048 participants revealed that 37.5% had blonde hair. A different sample of 312 participants found that 87.5% of them had green eyes. One of the researchers found that the computations contained some mistakes. In the first sample, 162.5% more people than was initially estimated had blonde hair. Additionally, the actual percentage of participants with green eyes in the second sample was 33.33% higher than the reported percentage.

Compared to the actual number of people with green eyes in the second sample, how many people with blonde hair were there in the first sample?

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Let's start by calculating the reported proportion of individuals with blonde hair in the first sample (2,048*0.375 = 768): The real number of people with blonde hair, however, was 162.5% higher than the reported figure (768*1.625 = 1,248).

Let's now compute the reported proportion of individuals in the second sample who have green eyes: 312*0.875 = 273. The real number of people with green eyes was, however, just 33.33% of the claimed figure (273*0.3333 = 91).

Therefore, 1,248 - 91 = 1,157 is the difference between the number of persons with blonde hair in the first sample and the number of people with green eyes in the second sample.

6/3 | 5/4 | 4/5 | 3/6 | 2/7 | ?

Please select one accurate response.

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There is a different rule for the numerators and denominators in this series. Each denominator rises by one and each numerator falls by one. This means that in the final term of the series (2/7), -1 should be deducted from the numerator (2) and +1 should be added to the denominator (7). The outcome is 1/8.

In order to purchase her mother a gift, Maria needs $45.00. How much money does she still lack after her father gives her 7 dollars and she already has 27?

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11 - 27 - 7 = 11

The bridal party's 75 guests rode a bus from the park to the restaurant. The first bus carried 37 passengers, and the second bus carried the rest. Exactly how many passengers were aboard the second bus?

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To determine how many guests are still there, simply subtract 37 from 75:
The second bus carried 38 passengers (75 - 37).

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