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Which alphabetical order should the names on the following list be filed in?

1. Ollie Bush
2. Dewey Bridges
3. Lori Alexander
4. Alfredo Nunez
5. Darryl Bridges
6. Tracey Nunezb
Normally, names are filed with the last name coming first and the first name if necessary.

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Here is the correct order:

Alexander, Lori (3)
Bridges, Darryl (5)
Bridges, Dewey (2)
Bush, Ollie (1)
Nunez, Alfredo (4)
Nunez, Tracey (6)

The typical enrollment in each of the five classes is 20 people. How many students are in the fifth grade if two classes have 17 pupils each, a third has 19 students and a fourth has 20?

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The average (arithmetic mean) is the sum of all values divided by the number of values. You can use this formula to get to the correct answer, but there is a faster way:

Using the formula of the average:

Average = (sum of elements)/(number of elements)

20 = (17+17+19+20+X)/5
20*5 = 17+17+19+20+X
100 = 73 + X
X = 100-73
X = 27

What is the least appropriate thing to say in an email telling a job applicant they didn't get the job after you interviewed them?

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A rejection email should not be disrespectful. If the decision not to hire is yours, then it is recommended to send it personally from your work email address.

It is customary, to begin with, the rejection notice and not to have the applicant read a long introduction before. It is also definitely acceptable to be polite and to thank the applicant and provide some positive feedback along with the rejection. These actions are important for maintaining a positive application experience and for providing the applicants with some tools for their next application.

Certain colors have connotations. Let's look at the significance of the two hues, red and black, which are frequently utilized. Red is typically linked to vigor, power, determination, and strength. Due to the associations mentioned earlier with red, it is frequently utilized in sports outfits. Black is the next color and is related to power. In addition to power, black is also connected to evil, death, and elegance. In sports, this connection is particularly prominent. Red and black are frequently seen in the uniforms of practically all NFL teams. The NFL has thirty-two clubs; sixteen wear these colors on their uniforms. Given what these two colors imply, that is highly informative.

Black is a popular color for sporting apparel because it has good reflective qualities on the __ of the team.

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The characteristics of red and black are the subject of the second paragraph. To find the answers, look for characteristics linked with black people.

Three responses—elegance, power, and evil—are connected to black. The paragraph does highlight the fact that black is chosen as a uniform color in the context of sports due to its link with "power." Red is also related to "power." It can cause you to rule it out as the right response if you are not a diligent reader.

Select the word or words that best convey the sentence's meaning when used to fill in the blank or blanks in the statement.

_______the HR manager had warned the team leader that continuing to give his staff too many duties would be____to his employees, he insisted on tightening the schedules.

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The sentence can be completed with pairs of words with either of these meanings (the phrasing is a reduction of the sentence):

Even though he knew it was bad, he insisted… OR
Because he knew I was good, he insisted…
The first option makes more sense; indeed, "although detrimental" presents a pair of words that fit it.

The meaning of the rest of the words and their essence is in brackets:

because disadvantageous (bad) – creates an illogical connection
despite that (although), instrumental (assisting, good) – creates an illogical connection
even though unassailable (certain, neutral) – the pair does not create a coherent sentence
since incremental (accumulative) – the pair does not create a coherent sentence

What word best describes the opposite of "DERANGED"?

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“Deranged” means mad or insane, exactly the opposite of “sane.”

“Neat” most commonly means a place or thing arranged in an orderly, tidy way. It is the opposite of “disorganized,” which some people may think is related to “deranged” because of the similar spelling.
“Dirty” means not clean.
“Bleak” has several meanings but generally refers to something dreary, charmless, and bleak.

Pick the right spelling.

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Harass is the correct spelling.

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