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Which of the following would make the strongest argument for a convincing essay about the first moon landing?

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An essay's thesis statement states the author's stance or opinion on the essay's subject and is a claim the author makes about it. It is important to note that persuasive writing does not require you to agree with the author because the goal of the essay is to persuade you to believe a specific way rather than to present a fact.

Which of the subsequent statements uses an ambiguous pronoun?

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In a given context, a pronoun is a word that refers to a certain noun; the word being referred to is its antecedent. The usage of a vague pronoun occurs when the antecedent is not obvious since the pronoun in the phrase could be referring to any number of appropriate subjects or things.

Ada Lovelace was conceiving about novel uses for computers long before they were invented. Lovelace was born in England in 1815 and is the daughter of renowned poet Lord Byron. She first got to know Charles Babbage [B] in 1833, while he was developing a mechanical computer design. Babbage's theories were expanded upon by Lovelace, who suggested that computers may be used for purposes other than computations. Despite not living long enough to witness the implementation of her theories, Lovelace is regarded as one of the pioneering and most significant computer scientists in history.

Which of the passage's highlighted sections is an independent clause?

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A dependent clause has a subject and a conjugated verb, but it does not convey a complete thought. Its meaning is contingent upon its attachment to an independent sentence. An independent clause has a subject and a conjugated verb that together represent a complete notion.

The first step towards becoming a scientist is finishing your high school education. After that, you can consider which field most interests you. Once you've decided on your favorite subject, you'll need to enroll in college or university to gain a thorough understanding of it.

Which organizational style is employed in this piece of writing?

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Sequential order refers to the arrangement of material in a passage that follows a specific order or occurs in the order that it occurs. First, next, the, then, lastly, before, and so forth are words that are frequently employed in writings that are arranged sequentially. The most typical types of sequences are narratives or lists of events that are reported as occurring sequentially. That being said, directions for a list of tasks to be completed sequentially also apply. This particular work is sequential in nature and is arranged in a particular order since it outlines the precise procedures that must be taken in order to become a scientist.

A few people from my extended family, like ________, were chosen to give speeches at the celebration.

Which of the following answers correctly completes the sentence?

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"My mom and me." "I" is consistently utilized as the subject and "me" as the object. When a verb has nouns attached to it, the noun doing the verb is called the subject, and the noun being done to by the verb is called the object.

A grain of sand is about a million times smaller than a molecule.

Which word does the adjective "smaller" modify?

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By asking, "What is smaller?" you can determine that the molecule is smaller, as the adjective "smaller" modifies the noun "molecule."

Which of the following summaries would provide a strong introduction for a paragraph discussing dog care?

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Describes the two primary concepts in a way that effectively introduces the issue of dog care.

Read the phrase below and select the proper spelling for each word that is enclosed in brackets:

The morale of the film was very [sensible/sensible] and it was [incredible/incredible].

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Both "incredible" and "sensible" are words that finish in "ible," not "able." The suffixes "able" and "ible," which both denote the capacity to perform an action, have the same meaning.

Which of the subsequent statements makes use of striking imagery?

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Descriptive language is used in vivid description or imagery to provide the reader a clear idea of how something feels, sounds, looks, smells, or tastes.

Spend no time with Spencer's group of friends; they are the school's wolves and very impolite.

Which literary and lyrical device is employed in the sentence on the left?

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When several words that come near to one another start with the same sound, this is known as alliteration. Despite not all starting with the same letter, the words "spend," "Spencer," and "circle" in the line above all start with the same consonant sound.

Cris, you always leave your room in disarray. It would be kind of you to pick up after yourself once in a while.

Regarding the sentence on the left, which of the following is true?

There can be more than one right response.

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