FREE Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence MCQ Questions and Answers


Based on research findings, there is proof that a new medicine may endanger the development of a human fetus. Despite these potential concerns, the drug's advantages can make it appropriate during pregnancy. Which pregnancy category would this medication fall under?

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The most risky medications for pregnant women are those in Category X, whereas Category A pharmaceuticals are the safest.

What is the primary goal of a new drug's Phase 3 clinical trial?

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Large patient populations are included in phase 3 trials, often using double-masked techniques. The primary goal is to compare the effectiveness of the medication to that of a placebo-treated control group of patients.

Despite not being utilized to treat a condition that poses a serious threat to life, a medicine is discovered to be inadequate. What kind of recall is necessary?

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Products that are unsafe or flawed and may result in significant injury are subject to Class I recalls. Recalls under Class II are made for goods that might momentarily harm consumers' health. Products unlikely to cause any health issues are subject to Class III recalls.

Who is the legitimate owner of a prescription once it has been filled and administered?

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It is legally owned by the pharmacy and should not be given to the patient. A copy of the prescription should be offered if the patient requests it.

The following conditions must be met, except one, for a medicine to be declared pharmaceutically equivalent.

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The excipient and active components don't need to be identical for a medicine to be considered a pharmacological equivalent.

What is the proper sequencing for the three NDC code segments?

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Each drug has a unique 10-digit identification code called the NDC. There are three sections: The labeler code indicates the business that makes or sells the medication. The strength, dosing form, and formulation are specified in the Product section. The size and shape of the package are specified in the Package section.

What is the name of a drug created primarily to address a rare medical condition?

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Orphan medications are prescribed for uncommon disorders affecting fewer than 200,000 Americans—the Orphan Drug Act of 1983 aims to motivate businesses to provide medicines for specific illnesses.

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