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Which of the following options for RAID is invalid?

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"Disk verifying" is not a valid RAID option. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a technology used to combine multiple physical disk drives into a single logical unit for improved performance, data redundancy, or both. RAID offers several different levels or configurations, each with its own characteristics and benefits.

On a Windows 2003 Server, a user reports that it is difficult to access shares. He observes that he is unable to access the shares or determine which server folders are shared. What is the most probable cause of the problem?

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His problems are a result of a policy choice; the server should be set up so that file sharing is permitted by local security policy.

Which of the following does not make a volume on a Windows Server 2003 server appropriate in size?

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On a Windows Server 2003 server, a volume cannot be smaller than 5 GB. It falls short of the standards.

Which of the following is not an advantage that could come from using RAID?

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RAID can help with disaster recovery or catastrophe mitigation, but it cannot guarantee that data is accurate and has integrity from the start because that is outside the purview of what RAID is designed to do.

What distinguishes a service from a standard Windows application?

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An application normally runs in the foreground, whereas a service typically runs in the background.

Which of the following could become an issue with automatic Windows updates?

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Updates that necessitate a server restart run the risk of disrupting access to the service and lowering availability.

What does the VGA Mode serve?

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The primary purpose of VGA Mode is to provide a fallback display option when encountering issues with higher resolution or more advanced video modes. It allows the computer to boot and display a basic graphical interface even if the system is experiencing problems with graphics drivers or other display-related issues.

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