FREE Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 Test Questions and Answers


Of the protocols listed below, which one is utilized for web documents?

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The protocol that is commonly used for web documents is HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTP is a protocol used for transmitting data between web servers and clients, and it is the foundation for the World Wide Web.

Which installation technique should be utilized to install all of the IIS components?

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To install all of the IIS (Internet Information Services) components, you should use the "Custom" installation method.

What IIS release comes with Windows NT Server 4.0?

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Windows NT Server 4.0 includes IIS (Internet Information Services) version 4.0.

Which of the subsequent protocols has anything to do with email? (Check each appropriate box.)

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The following protocols are related to email:

1. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): It sends emails between servers over the internet.

2. POP (Post Office Protocol): It is used for downloading emails from a mail server to a client device such as a computer or mobile device.

Therefore, both SMTP and POP are related to email.

Which of the following is NOT a new IIS 4.0 feature?

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Index Server 1.0 is not a feature new to IIS 4.0.

Index Server 1.0 was included with IIS 2.0, released before IIS 4.0. It is a search engine software that allows users to search for information on a web server using keywords.

Some of the new features that were introduced with IIS 4.0 include:

- Active Server Pages (ASP)
- Server-side includes (SSI)
- Improved support for Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts
- Enhanced security features
- Improved performance and scalability

So, Index Server 1.0 was not a new feature introduced in IIS 4.0.

Which of the following is NOT a part of the IIS installation at the minimum level?

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The FTP Server is not included in the minimum installation of IIS (Internet Information Services).

Which of the following is an official online document URL?

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Explanation: is a valid URL for a web document.

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of a web resource such as a web page, image, or video. URLs consist of a protocol identifier (in this case, "HTTP"), followed by the web server's domain name or IP address and the path to the resource on the server.

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