Free Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Questions and Answers


When adopting SPC for your process, SPC on the outputs is recommended over SPC on the inputs.

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In Statistical Process Control (SPC), it is generally more preferred to focus on monitoring and controlling the inputs of a process rather than the outputs.

When pulling systems are used to schedule when goods or services are produced, Kanbans operate best.

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Kanban is a visual signaling system that works best with pull systems in Lean manufacturing or service environments.

One of the best ways to eliminate faults when it comes to control is to _________________.

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Designing defect prevention into the product is one of the most effective means of achieving control and eliminating defects in the production process. This concept is often referred to as Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) or Design for Quality.

Choosing to take a sample from a population usually involves:

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Either a team or a practitioner may elect to sample. Even in the best of circumstances, sampling is seen as
dangerous. But with the right approach, the risk factor can be reduced. However, people always choose
samples because they want to save time and money.

What has been the main driving force behind the adoption of Six Sigma from the perspective of upper management?

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The purpose of the question is to make some sort of distinction between the possible answers. One broad
scope or strategic goal and three specific or tactical department goals are provided among the four possible

When a Belt uses the Poka-Yoke technique to tackle a project difficulty, she is trying to ensure that the action is _______________.

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When a Lean Six Sigma Belt applies the practice of Poka-Yoke to a project challenge, the primary goal is to mistake-proof the activity or process.

You can better grasp the source of the issue by using a cause and effect diagram together with the five WHYs. What does the Six Sigma team hope to learn from this?

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Finding the root cause entails being able to identify the variation's underlying cause. Due to the fact that
common causes cannot be traced back to their origins, it also signifies that you have been able to find
assignable causes of variation.

A Lean Principle that targets process worker efficiency is known as ____________________?

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Standardization is a Lean Principle that aims to create a stable and consistent work environment by defining and implementing standard work processes. Standardized work establishes the best-known sequence of steps, the cycle time, and the standard inventory levels required to perform a task efficiently while maintaining high quality. By adhering to standardized work, organizations can minimize variations and waste, improve process reliability, and facilitate continuous improvement.

Which of these 5S's is predominantly driven by management, despite the fact that management of a company must set the framework for all improvement efforts?

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In the 5S methodology, "Sustain" is the fifth and final step, and it is primarily driven by management. The 5S's are a set of lean tools used to create a clean, organized, and efficient workplace.

Which of the tools listed below, in terms of simplicity of installation and ease of understanding, is thought to be the best for informing employees of their job roles?

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Employees believe that written instructions are the simplest to understand.

Numerous ways to improve a Six Sigma project were suggested, including employee surveys, standardizing job instructions, training employees, and more. Who would be the target market for this project's concentrated audience?

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All of the mentioned actions are frequently carried out with a company's personnel. This suggests that the
clientele are internal.

__________ cards are made and used as part of a Visual Factory plan to pinpoint areas that require cleaning and organization.

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In a Visual Factory plan, Kanban cards are typically not used for identifying areas in need of cleaning and organization. Kanban is a scheduling system used in Lean manufacturing to control and manage the flow of work items or materials in a production process. It involves using visual cues, such as cards or signals, to indicate when and how much work should be done at each stage of the production process.

Which of these principles is achieved through the employment of station warning lights, tool boards, and jidohka devices in the application of Lean?

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The use of station warning lights, tool boards, and Jidohka devices in a Visual Factory aligns with the principle of Jidoka, promoting built-in quality, early error detection, and continuous improvement in the Lean manufacturing process.

Many causes that may be categorized using which of the terms shown result in significant variation in process performance.

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Significant variation in process performance can be classified using the terminologies "Common Cause Variation" and "Special Cause Variation."

What is multi-vari charting's main advantage?

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The main goal of multi-vari charting is to deconstruct variation into its positional, cyclical, and temporal
components in order to make improvements.

In Six Sigma, "rolled throughput yield" would NOT be used to:

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It is important to know that a negative response is required. Each of the answer options provides justifications
for using a throughput yield to aid in the analysis of a potential issue. This is a filler response that is irrelevant
to the query.

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