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A subpoena was issued to force the attendance of a key witness. The defendent was then arraigned in court. Which of the following terms is spelled wrong?

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The crime of speaking an untruth or making a false statement under oath.

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Perjury is defined as willfully uttering a falsehood or making a false representation under oath.

An injury in which the skin does not break.

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Contusion is the medical name for a bruise, which is an injury in which the skin is not damaged but blood can leak below.

A false statement that has been published and is damaging to someone's reputation.

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"A libel is a false remark about an individual that is published or written.

Slander does not have to be written; it is an oral, spoken declaration.

Litigation is the process of taking legal action.

A subpoena is a writ that orders someone to appear in court.

Both libel and slander are forms of ""defamation,"" which harms an individual's reputation in the eyes of others."

If 30% of the police department's employment is 27,000 people, how many people work there?

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First, we need to discover 10%. It makes the computation considerably simpler!

27,000 employees make about 30% of the workforce.

This suggests that 10% of the staff (27,000 / 3) equals 9,000 people.

If 10% of the staff is 9,000, then 100% must be 90,000 people.

The sheriff had little trouble _________ house.

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The sheriff had little trouble finding their home.

Remember that "their" implies to possession or ownership, as in "their house".

"To find their house" is not grammatically wrong, but it cannot be used in this statement.

The delinquent committed a misdemeanor to excede the speed limit, which resulted in two deaths. She was apprehended at the scene of the crime. Which of these terms is improperly spelled?

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The write answer is "exceed".

Officer Ford frequently serves as a drug-prevention officer at the local public schools. He visits three schools every week for 40 weeks out of the year. How many schools does he attend every year?

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3 schools a week x 40 weeks = 120

Mark takes an elevator from the bottom floor to the 10th floor. Mark then goes down two stories and climbs eight floors. What floor is Mark on?

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10 - 2 + 8 = 16

What phrase has the same meaning as the word underlined in the sentence below?

The victim's arm was lacerated during the incident.

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Both lacerated and cut mean torn.

Anne goes to the bank to take money from her account. She has a balance of $527.41. She withdraws $250.00. What is the amount in her account following the withdrawal?

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$527.41 - $250 = $277.41

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