FREE IT Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology MCQ Questions and Answers


Which of these languages is used to create programs like applets?

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Applets may be developed using Java. A small application, an applet is often an utility program with a single or limited function.

What combination of keys do you press to bring down all displays and open windows currently visible on the screen?

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Pressing the Windows key plus D minimizes all currently visible windows. To bring them back, press once more.

The term "Linux" represents an _____.

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An open-source operating system is Linux® (OS). A computer's central processing unit (CPU), memory, and storage are all managed by the software known as the operating system. The operating system is the layer that connects all of your software to the hardware resources that actually do the work on your computer.

Which of the following is a connectionless protocol example?

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A connectionless protocol is UDP. Because it is comparable to sending a letter that you don't acknowledge receiving, it is known as a datagram protocol.

The Network Interface Card (NIC) is commonly used for ______.

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A dedicated, permanent connection to a network is provided by a NIC for a computer. To communicate with a data link layer standard, like Ethernet or Wi-Fi, it implements the requisite physical layer circuitry. Each card stands in for a separate piece of hardware and has the power to process, transmit, and regulate network traffic.

If you want to boot into Safe Mode on a Windows computer, what key do you need to press?

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When your computer starts up, click F8 or Shift + F8 to enter the BIOS and select Safe Mode.

Which one of these was the first search engine ever developed for the internet?

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With the help of Archie, users can more quickly locate particular files in FTP archives by indexing the archives. It was the very first search engine on the web.

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