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Which of the following addenda statements is FALSE?

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The "An addendum is sent only to the contractor requesting the clarification" statement is not true.

The contractors and the? usually attend bid openings.

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The general contractors, owner, and interior designer are typically in attendance, even though most bid openings are available to anybody who wishes to attend.

The interior designer should make recommendations to clients who want to choose the best contractor for a project at the best price and exclude potentially unqualified firms.

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Prequalification is the procedure by which the Employer determines if a firm is qualified to carry out a certain contract before inviting it to submit a bid.

Who could make a quick sketch perspective drawing the easiest?

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This tool is quite helpful when designing because it enables you to put any design, shape, or text into perspective. Being able to use and comprehend this tool increases your value as a graphic designer, and using it is fantastic.

What is the main benefit of an oblique drawing?

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The frontal lines of an oblique drawing are presented in accurate proportions and relationships, while all other lines are positioned at suitable angles other than 90 degrees, disregarding the principles of linear perspective.

What is the best method for showing materials in their most accurate representation?

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A mockup, also known as a mock-up, is a full-size or scale model of a design or equipment used in manufacturing and design for educating, demonstrating, evaluating designs, promoting, and other objectives. If a mockup allows testing of a design and offers at least some of the functionality of a system, it may qualify as a prototype.

What should you use while making drawings that will be used in magazines?

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A graphic scale is a bar with segments labeled with the distances the segments represent and marked off like a ruler. With this kind of scale, you would use a ruler to measure distance just as you would with a written or verbal scale.

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