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A letter is sent to the district administrator by a female employee of a school. She complains that the male principal of her school refers to her and other female staff as "dear", "honey," and other such terms. The letter's author views this as disrespectful. Following up, the superintendent learns that the complaint's main points are accurate, but she also learns that most of the other female staff members do not view the principal's address patterns as disrespectful. Which course of action would be best for the superintendent in response to the complaint?

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The fact that the majority of the female staff members find the principal's nicknames to be unoffensive may indicate that he does not purposefully use them to offend, and it also implies that the staff and principal have a good working relationship. Reprimanding the principal and demanding a public apology are therefore not the best course of action, especially in light of the fact that only one staff member had an issue. Her criticism must be taken seriously, though, and not discounted just because we disagree. A meeting to examine laws is also not the best course of action, as the principal's address might not constitute sexual harassment and the majority of staff members do not perceive it as such. The superintended should inform the principle of how some people view his practice and that it is therefore preferable for students not to learn it from him

Dr. Pricilla, the superintendent, has analyzed the statistics for her district from the state. She can identify numerous triumphs; but, whatever area of district achievement requires extra improvement before celebrating it? She wants to help district teachers and other personnel feel valued by "celebrating small successes."

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Low identification rates may not necessarily mean that few students in Superintendent Harris's district require special education services, but rather that not enough students with special needs are being identified, assessed, and found to be eligible for services. Therefore, this rate needs to be raised. The district has improved these pupils' performance on this standardized assessment, which is cause for celebration if statistics reveal a significant percentage of students who previously failed the subject assessments passed it the following year. Another indication of educational success is whether the majority of indicators for high school students' preparedness for college have improved. Indicators of success and reasons to rejoice can also be found in statistics that show high levels of achievement in two subjects for the majority of pupils in a particular grade level.

75% of the students in one school district are White, 12% are Hispanic, 8% are African-American, 3% are Native Americans, and 2% are Asian or Pacific Islanders. The teaching staff at the same institution is 92% White, 4% Hispanic, 1.5% Native American, 1.5% Asian or Pacific Islander, and 1% African-American in terms of ethnicity. Which one of these should the superintendent be aware of when reading this report?

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75% of the district's students are White, and 92% of its teachers are as well. Therefore, compared to its percentage among students, the White race is overrepresented among teaching staff. Additionally, this indicates that the teaching staff's ethnic diversity is NOT comparable to that of the students. It cannot be argued that this ethnic group is not at all represented in the teaching staff because 1.5% of the teaching staff is Asian or Pacific Islander. African-American students make up 8% of the student body, but only 1% of the teaching staff. Therefore, rather than being overrepresented, African-American pupils are underrepresented in the teaching faculty.

Which of the following adjustments should be prioritized after creating a district-wide technology plan?

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The district will need to upgrade the current infrastructure to allow the installation and operation of new devices before current instructional technology can be purchased and deployed. It is essential that instructors receive staff development in order to learn how to use the most recent educational technology, but this cannot happen until the teachers have access to it (or until the schools have, at the very least), to prevent teachers from forgetting what they have learned or from teaching outdated material. They need to build the infrastructure for its utilization before they can have the equipment. Once the TPC has informed district management of the precise type of the technology that each school will have, which again is when the schools can be ordered to fully utilize technology in their Campus Improvement Plans.

Which particular student objectives would best fulfill the stated mission?

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The ultimate goal of equipping students to pursue lifelong learning and successful employment performance is best met when all students actively use various technologies to support problem-solving and communication activities.

A superintendent of a school district recognizes the need for reading curriculum improvements across the district as she develops the district's strategy for the upcoming years. Which of these should the superintendent do first in order to communicate the need for these improvements to the principals and teachers in her district?

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The first of the listed actions that the superintendent should take is to ask the teachers and the coordinator of reading instruction to evaluate their teaching methods to see which ones are working and which ones need to be improved. They should also determine which methods can help students perform better in reading.

Which of the following statements concerning the district policy about her ability to receive copies of documents connected to her complaint is true if Ms. Shenny takes her grievance to Level 4?

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According to the summary, Ms. Shenny has the right to request copies of all documents related to the earlier stages of her complaint in accordance with the policy of the school district. Not just Level 3 (A), nor just Levels 3 and 2, but also Levels 1 and 3 are included in this. It is untrue, as stated in the district policy statement, that Ms. Shenny cannot ask for copies of these records.

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