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What was the percentage change in Graff's revenue from the first to the fourth quarters?

The length of a quarter of a year will always be three months. A quarter could be any three consecutive months of the year; keep in mind that the first quarter isn't always going to be from January to March. This is because businesses have various year ends.
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Step 1: Determine Graff's first-quarter revenue, which is 15,000

Step 2: Obtain Graff's fourth-quarter revenue, which is $30,000

Step 3: Take the newest quarter out of the oldest:

30,000 - 15,000 = 15,000

Step 4: Subtract this from the 'oldest' figure, the first quarter figure.

15,000 / 15,000 x 100

= 100%

How many flights were cancelled at Gatwick Airport in November as a ratio of all the flights canceled at all three airports in that month?

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First, the percentage of canceled flights at Gatwick Airport to all other airports is requested. Write the following down in ratio format to begin:

20 : (30 + 20 + 15)

20 : 65

Step 2: Calculate the ratio by dividing 65 by 20:

65 ÷ 20 = 3.25

1 : 3.25

How many more flights were cancelled at Stanstead between November and December and January and February, on average?

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Step 1: Determine how many flights were canceled in November and December.

Dec + Nov + 10 = 25

Step 2: Determine how many flights were canceled in January and February.

Jan + Feb equals 35 + 45 + 80.

Step 3: Divide the Nov/Dec figure by the Jan/Feb figure after subtracting the Jan/Feb figure:

(80 - 25) ÷ 25 x 100 = 220%

How many of the cancelled flights in February originated from Gatwick Airport?

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Gatwick's cancellations as a percentage of all cancellations at all 3 airports in February is as follows:

20 / (15+20+45) x 100

= 25%

What was the actual revenue generated by Binders during the three-month period from October to December, assuming the report overestimated revenues by 15%?

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Step 1: Obtain the following amount from the sale of binders during the quarter ending in December: £35,000.

Step 2: This revenue estimate is 15% inflated. Therefore, it is 115%. 100% are required in the question. Simply multiply by 100 and divide by 115:

£35,000 ÷ 115 x 100 = £30,435

Tip: To determine the original non-overstated amount, add the "X" percent overstatement to 100%, then divide by 100%.

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First, determine an 80% reduction in the number of flights canceled in January:

30 × (1-0.8) = 6

Second step: Subtract this amount from the March amount.

10 - 6 = 4

How much money did Moen make on average each month from January to June?

Don't waste time adding all the zeros to a simple question like this one where you can see that all the numbers are in thousands. With practice, you'll become used to this.
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Get Moen's revenue from January through June in step 1: £30,000 + £25,000

Step 2: Multiply by six months:

£55,000 over six months

= £9,167

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