FREE Ham Radio General Class MCQ Questions and Answers


What may a ground loop in your station's audio connections manifest as?

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When people report hearing a "hum" in your station's transmitted signal, a ground loop may be the cause. Ground loops frequently cause interference and noise, and in rare situations, they could even put users at danger for electric shock.

Why should a storage battery that is being charged by a solar panel have a series diode connected between them?

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To prevent discharge of the storage battery through the solar panel during periods of low or no light, a series diode is attached between the solar panel and the battery. Electronic parts with two terminals called diodes provide zero resistance in one direction and negligible resistance in the other.

What percentage of power is lost when 1 dB is lost?

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A power loss of 20.5% results from a line loss of 1 dB.

What is the inductance of three parallel-connected 10-millihenry inductors?

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Three 10-millihenry inductors connected in parallel would have an inductance of 3.3 millihenries. The sum of one divided by each of the separate inductances equals one divided by the overall inductance.

When utilizing 3 kHz wide LSB, how near to the lower edge of a band's phone segment should your displayed carrier frequency be?

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When using 3 kHz wide LSB, your displayed carrier frequency must be at least 3 kHz higher than the lower edge of a band's phone section.

Which of the following tools can be applied to radio frequency impedance matching?

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Impedance matching at radio frequencies can be achieved using a transformer, a Pi-network, or a transmission line.

What vacuum tube component controls the passage of electrons between the cathode and the plate?

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The flow of electrons between the cathode and the plate of a vacuum tube is controlled by the control grid.

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