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Which of the following belongs to the Cloud SDK's command-line tools?

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"gsutil" is a command line tool that is part of the Cloud SDK. It is used for interacting with Google Cloud Storage, which is a scalable and durable object storage service provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Is interacting with a human at the cloud computing provider necessary to obtain resources from them?

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Working with a person at a cloud computing provider is not necessarily required to get resources from them. Cloud computing providers typically offer self-service platforms and interfaces that allow customers to provision and manage resources on their own.

What kind of cloud computing service offers basic computing, storage, and network, structured like how it would be in a physical data center?

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IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the type of cloud computing service that provides raw compute, storage, and network resources, organized in ways that are familiar from physical data centers. IAAS allows organizations to rent virtualized hardware resources from a cloud provider, eliminating the need for managing physical infrastructure.

What command would you enter to configure the Cloud SDK's default settings?

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You require your colleague to upload a fresh copy of your application to App Engine because you are the project owner. You should adhere to Google's suggestions. Which IAM roles ought you assign to your colleague?

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To follow Google's recommended practices, you should grant your co-worker the "App Engine Deployer" IAM role. This role specifically grants the necessary permissions to deploy a new version of an application to Google App Engine.

The "App Engine Deployer" role provides the permissions required to manage App Engine resources, including deploying new versions, managing services, and configuring application settings. By granting this role to your co-worker, they will have the necessary privileges to perform the deployment tasks while adhering to Google's recommended practices for access control and security.

Why would a GCP client use resources spread across numerous regional zones?

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A GCP (Google Cloud Platform) customer might use resources in several zones within a region primarily for improved fault tolerance.

Why would a GCP customer need to use resources in different parts of the world?

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A GCP (Google Cloud Platform) customer might use resources in several regions around the world for two primary reasons: to bring their applications closer to users around the world and to improve fault tolerance.

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