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It's possible to frontload a budget.

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Yes, a budget can be frontloaded. Frontloading a budget refers to allocating a larger portion of the budget to the early stages or initial phases of a project. This means that a significant amount of the project's total budget is allocated and spent during the early stages of the project's lifecycle.
Frontloading a budget can be done for various reasons and can have both advantages and potential drawbacks.

Cost overruns are happening on a project. What is accurate regarding the Cost Performance Index? (CPI)

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When a project is experiencing cost overrun, the Cost Performance Index (CPI) will be less than 1.

CPI less than 1 indicates that

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If the CPI is greater than 1, it means that the project is under budget. This indicates that the actual cost incurred (AC) is lower than the value of the work completed (EV), suggesting that the project is performing better than expected in terms of cost efficiency.

How is SPI calculated?

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The correct formula to calculate the Schedule Performance Index (SPI) is EV/PV, where EV represents Earned Value and PV represents Planned Value
The Schedule Performance Index (SPI) is a project management metric used to measure the efficiency of schedule performance. It compares the value of work completed (EV) to the planned value (PV) of work scheduled to be completed at a specific point in time. The SPI indicates whether the project is ahead of schedule, on schedule, or behind schedule.

A project manager created a predicted EAC after determining that BAC is no longer practical. What metric may the project manager use to evaluate the projected costs and cost performance requirements for the remaining work?

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The project manager can use the To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) to evaluate the projected cost performance that must be achieved on the remaining work in order to meet the forecasted Estimate at Completion (EAC).
The TCPI is a forecasting tool used in project management to assess the required efficiency for completing the remaining work within the authorized budget. It provides a measure of the cost performance that must be achieved going forward to meet the desired financial objectives of the project.

What is a basic issue with project baselines?

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One fundamental problem with project baselines can be when the authorized budget is set too low. This issue can lead to various challenges and constraints throughout the project's lifecycle.
To address this problem, it is essential to establish realistic and adequate budgets during the project planning phase. Proper cost estimation techniques, thorough analysis of project requirements, and effective communication with stakeholders are vital for setting appropriate budgetary allocations. Regular monitoring and control of project costs are also crucial to identify budget constraints early and taking corrective actions as necessary.

SPI lower than one indicates that

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If the SPI is less than 1, it indicates that the project is behind schedule. This means that the value of the work completed (EV) is less than the planned value (PV), indicating that the project is not progressing as per the scheduled timeline.

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