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Why are there counterweights on forklifts?

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Correct Answer: To ensure the vehicle remains stable whilst lifting loads
In order to keep the vehicle balanced while it is raising and lifting loads, counterweights are employed.

Why is it necessary to examine a lifting machine in addition to checking it every day?

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Correct Answer: The examination will catch defects not covered during daily checks
Exams are more in-depth than daily checks and will identify any problems that the latter may have missed.

In order to move the forklift between locations, you will be operating it onto a transporter. This loading operation is quite important. Who is in charge of it?

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Correct Answer: The driver of the transporter
The transporter driver is in charge of the loading process.

If the forklift's counterweight approaches any structure closer than a predetermined distance, extra safety precautions need to be taken. How far away is that?

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Correct Answer: 600 mm
When this distance is less than 600 mm, extra safety precautions need to be taken.

Which THREE of the following best sums up the risks associated with working in small spaces?

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Correct Answer: Visibility can be poor, People are working in close proximity, Fumes can build up
Confined areas can produce hazardous conditions because visibility is frequently limited, gases and fumes can accumulate, and people are put in danger by nearby work. Working slowly is more often an indication that the work is being done safely than it is a danger.

What disadvantage does a triplex mast have over a duplex mast?

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Correct Answer: It reduces visibility
The hot, dense cores of stars, such as our sun, are surrounded by low-density gaseous atmospheres. An absorption line spectrum can be seen when examining the light spectrum emitted by the sun or any other star. This is because specific light wavelengths are absorbed by the colder gases in the star's atmosphere, resulting in dark lines or gaps in the spectrum. Because each element in the star's atmosphere has a distinct set of absorption lines, scientists can identify and learn more about the elements' characteristics.

Why is it crucial to check that the carriage's forks are spaced evenly before beginning to lift a load?

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Correct Answer: To provide maximum load support, To keep the machine stable
Forks spaced equally apart will lift loads more efficiently and contribute to the stability of the vehicle.

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