FREE Fashion Design Trivia Questions and Answers


Which of the following does not have Tom Ford as Creative Director?

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Up to the 1900s, Melanesian women were said to wear what unusual item as earrings on occasion?

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Surprising, but true? It makes you question what our descendants will think about our surgically implanting artificial lumps in our chests, getting fat sucked from our stomachs, piercing holes in our tongues, nipples and genitals, and other modern fashions; perhaps some of our forefathers' actions weren't so bad after all! All for the sake of fashion!

What generation of young people dominated fashion in the 1980s?

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As in "Young Urban Professional" or "Young Upwardly Professional."

Your mother has most likely worn these before to represent fury, power, and strength. What were the most popular unisex shoes among punk rockers?

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These boots were part of punk's "uniform." The best ones were obtained from surplus stores and had steel tips.

These pants were popular among big guys with muscular biceps in the 1980s. You couldn't miss them as they walked down the street in these zebra or Picasso-inspired prints. Which pants featured an elastic waist and ankles and would "Pump you up?

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These MC Hammer-style pants were sold under the brand names "Zubaz" and "Skidz."

Glossy black hair was the height of fashion in ancient Egypt. Which of the following used to be a hair dye?

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They were also supposed to make use of leeches and black cow blood.

In the late 1980s, this was the only color to wear denim. What color could you produce from last year's blue jeans if you couldn't afford them?

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You had a matching stonewashed jacket if you were really cool!

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