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Before beginning, the nurse practitioner informs the client of the plan and gets their approval. She might go over different alternatives for treatment. Which phrase best sums up the nurse's goals for the patient?

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As the client's advocate, the nurse practitioner must give the client enough information and treatment alternatives so they can choose their medical care with confidence.

The female patient is being treated by the nurse practitioner for fever and bodily aches. The patient has cancer as well. What is the practitioner's role in working with other members of the healthcare team, particularly oncology, according to the following statement?

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It is crucial for the healthcare team to communicate significant information to the client's other physicians in the office care setting when a patient may only be seen seldom. This is especially critical when it comes to a continuing medical condition and acute symptoms. Because the nurse practitioner would make sure that the doctor understood the client's medical history.

Which communication rule does the nurse practitioner comprehend while speaking with coworkers and other patients?

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All of the possible responses will help the nurse practitioner maintain open lines of communication among team members and lessen conflict at work. In an interdisciplinary team and office care setting, it is crucial to comprehend the numerous ways used to manage conflict, that conflict should be handled with honestly and openly with all team members, and that conflict resolution is an ongoing process.

Which of the following actions demonstrates cultural competence on the part of the nurse practitioner?

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By recognizing potentially offensive gestures and then avoiding them, the nurse practitioner demonstrates cultural competence and respect for other cultures. While a nurse practitioner should be aware that different cultures do exist, they shouldn't stereotype their patients or assume that just because they come from one particular culture, they automatically adhere to all of its norms. If the family prefers it, it is acceptable and not biased to alter communication based on the culture. In certain cultures, for instance, talking to the oldest male family member is appropriate; yet, in Western culture, this communication is typically inappropriate. Even though many cultures do not view eye contact in the same way that Westerners do, it is not always appropriate.

A young woman and her toddler are under the care of the nurse practitioner. Which of the following best illustrates how the nurse practitioner's job description includes primary prevention?

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This claim illustrates how the nurse practitioner is engaging in primary prevention by talking about the use of seat belts and other vehicle restraints. Parents can be taught these preventative techniques to lower the risk of injury in young children.

A woman schedules a visit with the clinic to talk about the resources available to care for her elderly mother, who has terminal cancer and has had multiple strokes. What kind of recommendation or consultation would be appropriate for this client?

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Along with nurses, doctors, and spiritual support, the hospice will have a social services team member who will work with the family to find the right end-of-life care for this client. Going to hospice directly may save time, while using social services alone may take more time. Speech therapy would not be a major priority at this time because the oncologist referral would probably already be in place as a result of the diagnosis.

An adult patient is being informed about asthma treatments by the nurse practitioner. Which administration sequence would be most suitable?

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A bronchodilator like albuterol is first administered to widen the airway. A corticosteroid called Flovent and an antibiotic called Tobramycin both reduce inflammation. The antibiotic should be administered last to ensure that the most drug may be absorbed.

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