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When facing a challenge, it is best to dissect the situation before taking any action. Dissect means?

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Literally meaning to cut apart, dissect means to analyze figuratively.

The newborn baby was enamored with rattle. What does enamored mean?

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The word enamored, which literally means ""in love with,"" refers to someone who is fascinated.

The scientist was able to evoke up intense feelings in her listeners. What does "evoke" mean?

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Evoke is a verb that implies to call forth, elicit, or pull out feelings.

We're "famished!" the girls' softball team exclaimed following practice. Famished indicates...

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Being really hungry or starving is being famished.

The World Series champions frequently have a jovial attitude. Jovial means?

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Jovial is the antonym of dejected, which is joyous or jolly.

The youngster apprised her father's authority and behaved appropriately in church. Apprised means?

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Apprize (sometimes written apprise) means to appreciate or value

The bouncer's countenance dissuaded fights. the countenance means?

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When used as a noun (rather than a verb), countenance refers to a person's expression

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