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A can has an 8-inch height and a 3-inch diameter. What is the can's volume?

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The formula V=r2h, where r stands for the radius and h for the height, describes the volume of a cylinder. When 1.5 is substituted for r and 8 for h,
the result is V=(1.5)2(8), or V = 18. As a result, the volume is roughly 56.55 cubic inches.

What is the breadth of a rectangular house if the length is 36 feet and the circumference is 44 yards?

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Since there are three feet in each yard, the house's perimeter is 132 feet. Equation 2l + 2w = 132 can be used to express the house's perimeter.
When 36 is substituted for l, 2(36) + 2w = 132 results. W = 30, which is expressed in feet, is obtained by solving for w. The breadth of the house is
30 feet, which is equal to 10 yards.

Which of the following units is most likely to be used to gauge the volume of water in a bathtub?

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Liters are units of measurement that are suitable for the size of a bathtub. While milliliters are another unit of capacity measurement, they are too
small for such a large container.

If the steam cleaners charge 10 cents per square foot, how much would it cost in dollars to steam clean a room that is W yards wide and L yards long?

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The area can be expressed as either A = WL in yards or A = 9WL in feet. As a result, the fee is the product of 9WL and 0.10, or 0.9WL.

A room that is 10 feet broad and 12 feet long needs to be carpeted. How much would it cost? The carpet has a square yard price of $12.51.

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The square footage of the room is equivalent to 120 feet, or the product of 10 feet and 12 feet. The entire cost is equal to the product of the room's
area, or 13.3 yd', and $12.51 (the price per square yard), since 120 ft' = 13.3 yd'. The cost of carpeting the room is $166.80.

A cube with a 5 inch width has what volume?

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The formula V=s3, where s stands for one side length, describes the volume of a cube. When 5 is substituted for s, V equals 53, or V = 125. The cube
has a 125 cubic inch capacity.

How many feet long is the flowerbed's perimeter if a square flowerbed has a 16 square foot area?

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The equation A=s2 can be used to calculate a square's area. The result of 16 for A is 16=s2. Each side length is determined to be 4 feet by solving
for s. As a result, the perimeter is equal to 16 feet, or the product of 4 and 4 feet.

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