FREE Dog Walker Certificate Basic Questions and Answers


What's your plan if a dog runs away or gets lost?

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Promptly informing the owner and actively searching for the lost dog increases the chances of a safe and timely reunion, ensuring the dog's well-being.

How will you ensure that you have all necessary supplies before a walk?

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Thoroughly checking and packing all necessary supplies ensures the dog walker is prepared for any situation that may arise during the walk, promoting the dog's safety and well-being.

How do you manage when a dog doesn't follow commands or acts aggressively?

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Remaining calm and using positive, non-confrontational methods helps de-escalate the situation and encourages the dog to respond positively.

What's your protocol if a dog needs urgent veterinary care but the owner can't be reached?

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Informing the owner and waiting for their guidance demonstrates responsibility and respect for the owner's wishes while prioritizing the dog's well-being.

What methods do you use to keep yourself and the dog safe while out for a walk?

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Prioritizing safety by remaining vigilant and using appropriate safety measures reduces the risk of accidents and ensures the well-being of both the dog and the walker.

How do you monitor the health and well-being of the dogs you care for?

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Regular observation allows the dog walker to detect any changes in the dog's health or behavior, enabling early intervention and ensuring the dog's overall well-being.

What is your approach to rewarding good behavior during dog training?

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Positive reinforcement involves rewarding desired behaviors, which encourages the dog to repeat those behaviors in the future.

What actions do you take if a dog gets injured during a walk?

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Promptly assessing and addressing the injury ensures the dog receives necessary care and minimizes further harm, demonstrating responsibility and care for the dog's well-being.

Have you had any experience giving medication to animals?

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Experience in administering medication ensures that the dog walker can properly care for dogs with medical needs, ensuring their health and well-being.

Are you comfortable with various dog breeds, including both small and large ones?

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A dog walker should be comfortable and capable of handling dogs of various sizes and breeds to ensure the safety and well-being of the dogs under their care.

How would you deal with challenging clients or pets?

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Effective communication and conflict resolution skills are essential for managing difficult situations professionally and maintaining positive relationships with clients and their pets.

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