FREE CSFA Surgical First Assist Questions and Answers


A jejunojejunostomy may be performed when a loop of the jejunum is anastomosed end to side with the esophagus during a total gastrectomy.

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yes you are correct prevent regurgitation esophagitis

Another name for a suture ligature is

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A stick tie is a suture ligature.
This method ligates a blood vessel, duct, or other structure with a suture. It is often used in surgery to stop bleeding or seal structures.
The word "stick tie" refers to suture-based structural ligation.

What arteries can be separated during a AAA resection and then reanastomosed to the graft?

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Yes you are correct,renal

When positioning a patient, which of the following should be taken into account?
1. Patency of the airway is the prime concern when positioning a patient
2. Pressue injuries are most common after surgical procedures lasting one hour or longer.
3. An anesthetized patient with muscle paralysis is at increased risk for muscle strain
4. The most common sites of peripheral nerve injury are the divisions of the brachial plexus and the ulnar, radial, peroneal, and facial nerves

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Yes you are correct, 1,2, and 4 only

Which of the following applies to a sharps container's requirements?
1. self-closing lid to prevent overfilling
2. biohazard labels and color coding
3. durable, closable, leakproof, and puncture resistant
4. lids which allow sharps to enter by gravity

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yes you are correct 2.3.and 4 only

When placing a patient for surgery, which of the following complications is MOST important?

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Respiratory compromise is the most serious condition when placing a patient for surgery.
Proper patient posture ensures a clean airway and optimal lung function.
If poor placement compromises the patient's airway or breathing, it can have serious and potentially fatal effects.

Among the structures most frequently implicated in a sliding left indirect hernia

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A sliding hernia involves a piece of an organ or structure, usually the gastrointestinal system, in the hernia sac.
The sigmoid colon is most often involved in sliding left indirect hernias.

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