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Does Etihad Airways always accept cargo in AVI format from other airlines?

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AVI supplies from other carriers are not usually accepted by Etihad Airways. This is due to the fact that they cannot accept such shipments unless they have a transfer manifest or AVI checklist. Consequently, it is untrue to say that "Etihad Airways will always accept AVI shipments from other carriers."

Where is the CSM located?

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The response that best fits the situation is "On the Etihad Website." This implies that the Customer Service Manual (CSM) is available only on the Etihad website. It clarifies that the CSM cannot be accessed through the IATA website, the Abu Dhabi head office, or the internet in general.

Our top worker showed up for work half-dressed, with bloodshot red eyes and a hangover from drinking. slur in their speech as well. How would you respond?

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Pre-flight inspection of a passenger flight operated by EY. (6) Six pallets were prepared for loading. The auditor discovered two units that measured 64.5 inches tall. What steps ought he or she to take?

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Offloading the pallet containing the fault and filing a Ground Safety Report (GSR) is the proper course of action. This is due to the auditor's discovery of unintentions that may be taller than the maximum height permitted for loading—64.5 inches. Offloading the pallet with the fault guarantees adherence to safety rules, and filing a GSR records the occurrence for additional inquiry and remedial action.

What does FOD mean when it comes to airplane safety?

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Foreign Object Debris, or FOD for short, is any material or object that is not intended for use on an aircraft yet has the potential to cause harm or endanger public safety. This can include animals on the runway or even stray tools or trash from maintenance work. To protect the aircraft and avert any possible mishaps or damage, it is crucial to routinely check and remove FOD.

A car, person, or piece of equipment may only get close to an aircraft when:

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It is only appropriate to approach an airplane while the anti-collision light is off. This is so that people are aware of the Aircraft's existence and know that it is in operation. The Anti-Collision Light is a safety feature. It can be risky to approach an aircraft with its lights on since it could be an indication that the aircraft is still moving or that operations are ongoing. Therefore, it's crucial to avoid approaching the aircraft until the Anti-Collision Light has been turned off.

As a manager, an employee tells you that he or she just took a prescription drug before reporting for work. What role would you give him/her to play?

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It could be risky to assign a worker who has recently taken medication to do jobs like pushing a tractor, delivering forklifts, or handling inter-airport transfers. Because pharmaceutical side effects can make it difficult for an employee to operate equipment or do duties properly, it's better to give them a new task to complete or to give them time off until the medicine's effects wear off.

When is it appropriate to examine a ULD's serviceability?

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Before putting ANY goods onto a ULD, a serviceability check must be performed on the vehicle. This is due to the fact that doing a serviceability check guarantees that the ULD is free from any damage or faults that may compromise the cargo's safety and security during transportation and that it is in good operating order. The danger of damage or loss is reduced when the cargo is inspected before loading and any problems are found and fixed beforehand.

Before being transported on Etihad Airways, all Class 7 Radioactive Material Dangerous Goods must have written consent.

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Before being carried on Etihad Airways, any Class 7 Radioactive Material Dangerous Goods require written clearance. This means that carrying radioactive material requires written approval regardless of the destination or any other criteria.

How many Etihad network stations are now under a dangerous goods embargo?

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The etihad network currently has 15 stations under a dangerous goods embargo.

What is a lower-deck pallet's maximum pallet build height?

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This is the greatest height at which a lower-deck pallet can be built, and the correct answer is 63" / 160 cm.

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