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25% of what number is 53?

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100% = 100*53/25 = 4*53 = 4*50 + 4*3 = 200 + 12 = 212

The solution can also be obtained by utilizing a straightforward multiplication table strategy. If the percentage of 53 is 25%, then the entire number is 4 times 53. The number we're looking for must end with 2 if we divide 53*4 into 50*4 + 3*4 (3*4=12). Only 212 has a final number that ends with 2.

When it traveled 200 miles in 10 minutes, the Formula One race car smashed the world record. How many mph did it drive at?

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If the car covers 200 miles in ten minutes, it will cover six times that distance in an hour (ten minutes is one sixth of an hour).

As a result, the distance covered in one hour is:

6*200=1200 miles

This value will therefore be the speed of the car: 1,200 mph.

The average number of photographs in three photo albums is 23, with 12 in one, 24 in the other, and 33 in the third. If we add an additional six images to the second album, how many photos will each album contain on average?

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Divide the result by the total number of items after adding the new set of numbers. However, you may perform a lot quicker computation in this specific instance: the difference between the new and old numbers of photos is 6.

To determine how much the average will rise, divide this figure by the number of items:
Number of items / (difference between sums of items) = 6/3 = 2
The median will rise by 2. The new average will therefore be 23+2 = 25.

What would the following series of letters' next set of letters be?

ghg ... hhh ... ihi ... jhj ?

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There are two things about this series that should be noted immediately away:
Each group's initial and last letters are the same, and its second letter is always an H.

The outside letters form a pattern that you can instantly identify as a sequential one by looking at it:

The missing group's outer letters must thus be K.

An analysis of 2500 flu patients revealed that 28% felt better up to 2 days after taking the initial treatment, 22% felt better up to 4 days later, and the other patients reported no change. How many people did not respond well to the treatment?

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If you carefully read the question, it becomes clear that 50% of flu sufferers reported feeling better after taking the medication (28 + 22 = 50). This indicates that 50% of the patients experienced no improvement. In the question, the number of patients who did not see any improvement is mentioned rather than the percentage: 50% of 2500 equals 1250.

13 | 21 | 34 | 55 | 89 | ?

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Each number in this series equals the sum of the two numbers before it, according to the Fibonacci sequence principle.
Thus: 55+89 = 144

What value is the smallest of the following?

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The decimal point in the decimal system allows one to write numbers as large or small as desired.

To the left or right of a decimal point, digits can be used to display values greater than or less than one. There is a whole number to the left of the decimal point (e.g. 45 in 45.589).

Every integer grows ten times larger to the left of the decimal point: ... Hundred, ten, and one. The first digit represents tenths (1/10) to the right of the decimal point. Every number gets 10 times smaller (one-tenth as big) to the right of the decimal point: Tenths, hundredths, and thousands...

As seen, there are no ones in any of the answer alternatives. So, compare their tenth values to the right of the decimal point.

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