Free Computer-Aided Design Software Questions and Answers


In what ways can designers utilize CAD software according to the text?

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Designers can visualize designs in 3D using CAD software.

Which of the following is not disadvantage of CAD?

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The correct answer is A The given answer states that "The software has a lot of different tools for drawing" is not a disadvantage of CAD. This implies that having a variety of tools for drawing is actually an advantage of CAD. Having a wide range of tools allows users to have more flexibility and creativity in their designs. It also enables them to efficiently and accurately create complex drawings or models. Therefore, the given answer suggests that having a lot of different drawing tools is positive aspect of CAD, rather than a disadvantage

Which of the way following is a way CAD does not help team working?

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The correct answer is C. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is a software that aids in the creation, modification, and optimization of designs. It provides various tools and features to enhance team collaboration and efficiency. However, the statement "The software can check the design meets rules" suggests that CAD does not help team working in this aspect. This means that CAD may not have a built-in feature to automatically validate designs against specific rules or standards, which could potentially hinder effective teamwork and quality control.

What tool is being developed to make CAD more intuitive and user-friendly for designers?

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What impact has CAD on industries according to the text?

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CAD allows teams to collaborate and review designs more effectively by sharing information.

What are some advantages of using CAD software?

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CAD offers advantages like increased efficiency, reduced errors and improved collaboration.

What was the name of the early CAD technology developed in the 1950s?

The origins of CAD back to the 1950s with the development of Automatic Drawing Machine (ADAM)
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In which field is CAD commonly used for helping architects and engineers create 3D models?

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CAD is commonly used in construction to help architects and engineers create 3D models.

Which software, known for 2D and 3D drafting and design, is mentioned in the text?

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SolidWorks is popular CAD software mentioned in the text.

CADD stands for?

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Correct answer is B. Computer-aided design and drafting This term refers to the use of computer software and systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a design. It combines both drawing and design elements, allowing for more efficient and precise production of technical drawings and models.

What is one of the challenges associated with learning CAD software?

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One of the challenges with CAD software is that it can be challenging for new users.

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