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Which Avenger was supposed to be Ultron's bride at first?

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Ultron duped Hank Pym into putting the Wasp's lifeforce into Jocasta's feminine robotic shell in order to animate his bride-to-be. Realizing that Wasp would have to die for her to survive, Jocasta contacted the Avengers, who destroyed Ultron and reversed the process, leaving Jocasta a mindless husk.

What is the most popular comic book of all time?

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Marvel revived The X-Men in 1991, with four variant covers and a special gatefold cover that combined all four variants. X-Men #1 (Vol. 2) was the best-selling comic book of all time, selling over 8.1 million copies.

What was the first variant cover comic book?

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The first variant cover comic book was the 1986 inaugural issue of The Man of Steel, which had two distinct covers by writer/artist John Byrne.

Who was the first Human Torch?

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The first "Human" Torch was an android named Jim Hammond who had the power to surround himself with fire and manipulate flames. He was initially presented as a freak, but he quickly became a hero.

Which of the following is NOT carried by Batman in his utility belt?

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Reading glasses are not carried on Batman's utility belt. He DOES have shark repellant (Batman #117), a crayon (Batman #149), and a backup suit (Batman #71).

Why was Michael Jackson attempting to purchase Marvel Comics in the 1990s?

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Michael Jackson was so desperate to play Spider-Man in a film that he attempted to buy Marvel Comics.

Which writer/artist has the longest run on a single comic book?

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Dave Sim wrote and drew Cerebus, a comic book series about an anthropomorphic aardvark, from 1977 to 2004 (300 issues), making him the comic book writer or artist with the longest run.

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