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A candidate's resume shows they are the ideal fit for the job, but a quick inspection revealed that they use a wheelchair. Which recommendation from the list below should the nurse provide the employer?

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Discrimination based on a person's handicap is illegal under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This law's main requirement is that employers change procedures and working conditions to "reasonably accommodate" people with disabilities and increase their possibilities. Based on her expertise with the physical demands of workplace jobs, the occupational health nurse must give or enable reasonable adjustments. It would be discriminatory to not hire the candidate due to their disability if they were the ideal choice for the job. After the candidate is employed, other employees who are unkind to them will probably receive a warning from the business.

Which of the following justifications would the occupational health nurse (OHN) use to persuade a significant employer that a breast cancer education program is necessary?

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Women are more likely to be productive and content workers if they feel their employers care about their personal and family lives. Therefore, the significant employer can prove its conviction by providing a breast cancer education program. Offering this program would not be done primarily to attract attention for the company from the media, pique the interest of female employees, or counterbalance more male-oriented initiatives.

A worker recently suffered a heart attack and was released from the hospital. What would be the best course of action for the nurse to follow?

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The appropriate action for the nurse to take in this scenario would be: Determine appropriate temporary, perhaps part-time, responsibilities to ease the employee's reentry to the workplace.

Following a heart attack, it is crucial to prioritize the employee's health and support their safe return to work. Determining suitable temporary or part-time responsibilities can help ease the transition back to the workplace while considering the individual's health condition, limitations, and the need for a gradual reintegration process.

Which of the following best describes the need for the Factory Nurses Conference that occupational health nurses (OHNs) felt?

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The most appropriate answer would be: Most OHNs practiced alone and wanted to be able to interact with peers.

Occupational health nurses (OHNs) often work independently in various workplace settings, which can be isolating. The creation of the Factory Nurses Conference, or any similar group or conference, would provide OHNs with an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and interact with peers who share similar roles, challenges, and experiences.

Which of the following presents the occupational health nurse (OHN) with the most challenges?

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The OHN is charged with upholding professional norms and codes as an advocate for workers. The OHN is likewise answerable to management, typically receives compensation from management, and is required to operate under a set of rules and regulations established by the business. The nurse faces moral problems because she is devoted to the staff and the management.

An occupational health nurse will conduct a comprehensive physical examination, including a drug test, on both a potential and current employee. Which of the following best sums up the objectives of these tests? (Check every box that applies.)

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A preplacement evaluation is conducted before the employee starts work at a new business or is assigned to a new position. A baseline evaluation examination includes:

• A medical history.
• An occupational health history.
• A physical assessment should be tailored to the employee's work.

Medical tests for identifying organ functions that might be impacted by exposure to substances already present in the employee's workplace may also be part of the preplacement assessment. To document any changes in health that might have happened while the person was working in a particular region or with a specific process, it is crucial to examine people switching employment. By law, pre-employment health exams are only allowed if they focus on the applicant's overall capacity to carry out job-related tasks rather than on any disabilities and only after a job offer has been made. All applicants performing similar work must be subjected to a regularly administered and job-related assessment.

An occupational health nurse (OHN) practices in a state where renewing a nursing license necessitate completing continuing education credits each year. Which of the upcoming courses will likely be most beneficial for the position?

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Any programs could be beneficial, but only Toxicology and Ergonomics are fundamental to the science required to operate in occupational health. The job description calls for evaluating risks, but as many OHNs are the only professionals in the region, there needs to be a staff to supervise. Health assessments are essential, but home visits for medical care are uncommon; instead, referrals are provided.

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