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Which of the following does not occur as an ACE side effect?

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Taking captopril lowers blood pressure and preload and afterload in CHF, which results in a boost in the signs of traffic jams.

Which of the following does barbiturates not treat?

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Barbiturates lower blood pressure; they would not be used in the treatment of hypotension.

Which of the scenarios does not result from the vasodilator nifedipine

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While some people may have sexual dysfunction as a negative effect patients, it is acknowledged as the least detrimental consequences of these choices.

Except for the following, all of the following list phosphodiasterase inhibitors:

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Vasodilatory effects are exhibited by phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

Which vasopressor is recommended in obstetric situations?

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Does not reduce the blood flow in the uterus

Which of these does not result from the loop diuretics?

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Most of the time, loop diuretics don't make people sick. The other choices show which complaints have been reported the most. during clinical trials, from patients.

Which of the following catecholamines DOES NOT occur naturally?

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Dobutamine and isoproterenol are artificial catecholamines.

Which of the following doesn't result from the sympathoplegic pharmacotherapy?

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Patients with hypertension are prescribed clonidine because it is an alpha-agonist for the reduction of blood pressure is consequently an indication rather than an adverse effect of clonidine for its application.

Of the following, which one is not a side effect of atropine, a cholinoreceptor blocker?

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While acetylcholine is blocked by atropine at the GI will be reduced by parasympathetic neuroeffector sites.a nd GU motility, with the primary objective of raising cardiac output and elevate heart rate. The least common side effect is urinary retention impact that is anticipated.

Pheochromocytoma can be treated with either of the following medications:
Phenoxybenzamine ______
Phentolamine _______

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Phentolamine is only effective in treating hypertension brought on by excessive alpha stimulation when reflex tachycardia and postural hypotension are present (such as with pheochromocytoma)

Which of the following conditions is not managed with methadone and dextromethorphan, two opioid analgesics?

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Methadone and dextromethorphan cause sedation, due of their sedative properties, they wouldn't be utilized to address sedation.

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