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This sign requires eyewear.

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The usage of eyewear is not truly required in the location indicated by the sign, which is why the assertion is categorized as FALSE.
In other words, the notice does not suggest that wearing eyewear is required or mandatory.
Instead, based on the information provided by the sign, locals might not need to wear safety glasses.

Always wear safety glasses at the Design and Technology Department Workshop.

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The protection of the eyes from potential threats is ensured by wearing safety glasses, which are normally required in a Design and Technology Department Workshop.
Safety glasses are made to protect the eyes from flying particles, chemical spills, flying debris, and other potential eye risks that may arise in workshop settings.
This is why the claim is accurate:

Wear eye protection with this sign.

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When a sign says to "Wear eye protection," it's crucial to heed the warning and put on the proper eye protection in the specified location or circumstance.

What are an employer's health and safety legal obligations? Pick one answer

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A safe and healthy workplace is one of an employer's responsibilities under the health and safety laws.
This includes a variety of duties intended to reduce the risk of mishaps, injuries, and workplace dangers.

PPE means what? Pick one answer

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Personal Protective Equipment is referred to as PPE.
It refers to the tools and clothing that workers don to safeguard themselves against a variety of risks and hazards at work.
PPE is made to reduce exposure to physical, chemical, biological, and other risks that might result in harm or health problems.

How can employees promote workplace safety? Check all that apply

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Promoting workplace safety requires early reporting of dangerous situations and familiarity with the locations of safety tools.
These steps assist in making the workplace safer and reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

How should a hazard be handled to protect others? Pick one answer

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Remove it immediately" is a hazard handling strategy that entails swiftly getting rid of a risk to lessen the risk it presents to people.
This strategy works well when it is practical and secure, but it might not work for all threats.

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