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The "Principle of Least Privilege" is best described by what? Out of the following alternatives, select the right response.

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According to this rule, a user account should only be granted the rights necessary for it to serve its stated purpose. For instance, it is not necessary to install the program for a user account that is just used to make backups. As a result, it is only permitted to execute backup and backup-related programs.

When preparing routine reports for senior management, a business analyst would prefer to move away from writing complicated database queries and static spreadsheets. They would want to release intelligent reports with visually appealing dashboards. Which service can they utilize to make this happen?

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The most suitable service for this situation is Amazon QuickSight. This fully-managed solution enables comprehensive business intelligence reporting using innovative data distribution techniques, such as graphical and interactive dashboards. Users of QuickSight may discover subtle trends and patterns in their datasets by using machine learning.

Which of the below services may be utilized in AWS as an application firewall?

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AWS WAF is a web application firewall that enables you to keep an eye on HTTP and HTTPS requests that are routed to Amazon CloudFront or an application load balancer. You may restrict who has access to your material using AWS WAF as well.

Your business wishes to transfer an existing Oracle database to the AWS Cloud. Which of the following services can make this transfer easier?

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You may easily and securely move databases to AWS with the aid of the AWS Database Migration Service. Application downtime that depends on the source database is kept to a minimum during migration. Your data may be moved to and from the most popular commercial and open-source databases with the help of the AWS Database Migration Service.

What AWS technology offers quick, simple, and secure file transfers between your client and your Amazon S3 bucket across long distances?

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File transfers between your client and an S3 bucket are made quick, simple, and safe with the help of Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration. Utilizing the widely dispersed edge locations of Amazon CloudFront, Transfer Acceleration. Data is sent to Amazon S3 through an efficient network path as soon as it reaches an edge point.

Which tool can you use to predict your AWS spending?

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To examine your expenses, utilize the free program called Cost Explorer. You may see data going back a year. You may project your spending over the upcoming year and receive suggestions for the Reserved Instances you should buy. Cost Explorer allows you to look for trends that can help you understand your expenses as well as patterns in the amount of money you spend on AWS resources over time. You may also see time data by day or by month and set time ranges for the data.

What is the advantage of elasticity, according to AWS?

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Elasticity is the idea that an application should be able to scale up and down in response to demand. The Autoscaling service is one instance of one of these services.

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