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The findings of a poll of 150 students are displayed in the circle graph. How many pupils choose basketball as their preferred sport?

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Multiply the proportion by the total to determine how many students each slice represents. The graph shows that 150 students, or 8% of the total, selected basketball as their preferred sport.
8% is represented by the decimal.08, thus multiply 150 by.08 to get 12 students.
For the first 100 students, 8% equals 8 pupils, which may be calculated mentally. For the other 50%, 8% equals 4 pupils. That makes a total of 12 students.

The population of the United States as of 1970 is depicted on the graph.
What would be a reasonable estimate of the population of the United States in 2010 assuming the population trend continued in the same manner?

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The population grows by 20 million every ten years, as shown by the graph. By 2010, the population would have increased by 40 million from its estimated 250 million in 1990.

On the xy-plane, the graph of the function f is displayed. Which two values of x cause f(x) to equal 3?

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When the y-value is 3, there are two points: (7,3) and (9,3). At these spots, the line crosses the y=3 line.

In his backyard, Peter created a ring-shaped garden. The garden has a 20-foot diameter. His favorite vegetable, tomatoes, occupied one-third of the garden. He built a 12-inch-high picket fence around the entire garden. Which of the following queries COULD NOT be resolved using the given data?

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Only this question cannot be addressed with the provided data because we are unsure of the planting depth of the soil.

Student council members are raising money by selling Valentine's Day cards. They hope to sell 750 cards overall, and they earn $0.50 for each one they sell. The graph displays the total number of cards sold by each grade to date. To reach their objective, how many more must be sold overall?

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There are 6 hearts on the top row, which equals 120 sold cards. This brings the total number of cards sold to date (550). 240 cards were sold for the 12 hearts in the second row. There are 190 cards sold, or 9 12 hearts, on the third row. They have sold 550 cards overall.

John wants to compute in his head a 20% tip for his $40 bill. Which of the following should John utilize while calculating the tip in his head?

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John is quick to calculate 10% of 40 and double it. Because 10% of 40 is 4 and 4 2 is 8, the correct response in this situation is $8.

To answer the issue below, use mental calculations.
Peter has $35.25 in savings. He wants to put money aside to get a $85.00 bicycle. How much extra must he save to buy his bike, with tax included, if sales tax is 8%?

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Using this logic, the sales tax of $85.00 would be almost $8.50 as 8% is about 10%. $8.50 plus $8.00 is a total of $93.50. Peter's target will be slightly more than what he actually requires because of the overestimation in this statement. Peter has to set aside around $93. He needs an additional $58 even though he has roughly $35 in savings. ($93 - $35 = $58).

So, $60 would be the greatest option if it were rounded up. An overestimate is typically more sensible when dealing with money.

For strep throat, a doctor recommended a 250 mg tablet of a popular antibiotic. Only 1 gram of the antibiotic was on hand at the pharmacy. How many pharmaceutical capsules can the patient purchase from the pharmacist?

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Since one gram is equal to 1000 milligrams, the pharmacist possesses 1000 mg. It is possible to utilize proportionate reasoning because each capsule requires 250 mg.
1 cap250mg = xcap1000 mg

For every two cups of flour in a pancake recipe, one tablespoon of baking powder is needed. How many tablespoons of baking powder are required to create 12 pancakes if 2 cups of flour provide 4 pancakes?

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2 cups of flour and 1 tablespoon of baking powder yield 4 pancakes; therefore, 1 tablespoon of baking powder yields 4 pancakes. 3 teaspoons of baking powder are required to produce 12 pancakes. Divide 12 by 4 to get the rise in pancakes that corresponds to this. Since the quantity of pancakes is three times that of the recipe's serving size of four, 12/4 = 3, which equals 3 tablespoons of baking powder.

A 14-inch line on one map corresponds to a real-world distance of 3 miles. What is the true length of a river if its length on the map is 2138 inches?

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A mile is one mile if a quarter of an inch is three miles. 2 13 ÷ 112 = 28.

Josh's monthly rent went from making up 35% of his budget to 30% of his budget when he moved into a new apartment. How much will he save annually if he budgets $3,200 per month?

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Josh will set aside $160, or 5% of $3200, each month. The annual savings are calculated by multiplying by 12.

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