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Which of the following represents a finite set?

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A finite set consists of a finite (or definite) set of members.

Which one of the following is not a prime number?

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A prime number is only divisible by itself and 1.

An instrument retailer offers all students a 10% discount off the original price of an instrument. During a back-to-school sale, an additional 15% is deducted from the reduced price. Sophia, a local high school student, buys a flute for $306. How much did it cost originally?

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The equation x-0.10x-0.15(x-0.10x)=306 can be applied to solve the problem. Solving for x yields 0.90x - 0.15x + 0.015x = 306, where x equals 400. Therefore, the original price was $400.

Which of the following numbers is not equivalent to 34(58+9).

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This example demonstrates the distributive property of multiplication over addition. The factor being distributed might not change.

How many 3 inch cubed pieces of fudge can fit into a Christmas tin that is 9 inches deep, 12 inches wide, and 9 inches high while still allowing the top to close?

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The tin has a volume of 972 in". Each piece of fudge has a volume of 27". 972 ÷ 27 = 36.

How much will it cost to tile a kitchen floor that is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long if the tile costs $8.91 per square yard?

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Converting feet to yards, the measurements may be expressed as 4 yards by 6 2/3 yards. Thus, the floor area is 26 2/3 yd'. Multiplying this area by the cost per square yard yields the equation 26 2/3?8.91 equals 237.6. Thus, the total cost is $237.60.

If 3x = 6x-15, then x + 8=

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To solve the equation for x, first deduct 6x from both sides. This yields -3x = -15, with x = 5. Substituting 5 for x in the second formula yields 5 + 8, or 13.

Riding on a ferry costs $5.00 for car and driver, and an extra 50 cents per passenger. If the ferry ticket costs $6.50, how many persons were in the vehicle?

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The problem may be represented by the equation 6.50 = 5.00 + 0.50x, where x is the number of passengers. Solving for x yields x = 3. Thus, there were three passengers and one driver in the car, for a total of four people.

A boy's pocket contains three red marbles, four blue marbles, and four green marbles. How many will he need to pull from his pocket to make sure he has at least one of each color?

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Taking 3 of each hue ensures that he has one of each. Thus, he must remove a total of 9 marbles.

Find the missing term from the following sequence: 4, 9, 19, __, 79.

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The rise between terms is double that of the preceding two terms. Thus, the rise from 19 to the missing word will be 20, which is twice the increase of 10. Thus, the missing term is 19 + 20, or 39.

How much money did Nicole save if she just spent 20% of her food budget in May 2001, rather than the full 25%?

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The amount she saved may be expressed as 0.25(2622) - 0.20(2622), which is 131.10. Thus, she saved $131.10.

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