FREE Basic Russian Words Questions and Answers


Which of these would you call if you were in need of emergency medical care?

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An ambulance is Skoraya Pomosch. You would dial '03' on any phone to acquire such assistance. Firefighting services are known as "Pozharnye," and their number is "01." You can reach the police by dialing "02" to reach "Militsiya." Plumbing services are known as "Santehnik"; regrettably, they lack a separate phone number.

Which of these is a Russian informal greeting?

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Preevet is a 'hello' sound. It is a friendly handshake between friends. Zdravstvuite is a polite way to say hello. Do Svidaniya is Russian for "goodbye." Spasibo translates to "thank you."

Sorry' - how do you say it in Russian?

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Izvinite is the equivalent of "sorry," "pozhaluista is "you are welcome," "spasibo is "thank you," and "do svidaniya is "goodbye."

What does Russian currency sound like?

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Although it is spoken and written "Rubl" in Russian, the English spelling is "Rouble" or "Ruble."

What name does Russia's capital have in Russian?

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The name of Russia's capital is Moskva in Russian.

What would you look for in Russia if you were seeking for a bus?

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Avtobus' denotes a bus, 'Poezd' a train, 'Metro' a subway, and 'Tramvai' a street car.

Bread is the most consumed food in Russia. How would you purchase it?

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A hospital is a "Bolnitsa," a bakery is a "Bulochnaya," a toy store is a "Igrushechnyi Magazin," hardware and home goods are "Promtovary," and a bakery is a "Bulochnaya."

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